murders in baltimore n.
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Murders In Baltimore

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Murders In Baltimore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Murders In Baltimore. December 22,2010. By: Monique Taylor. Why do people murder others. A Introduction Summary.

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murders in baltimore

Murders In Baltimore

December 22,2010

By: Monique Taylor

a introduction summary
A Introduction Summary
  • The topic I chose was murders in Baltimore, the reason why I chose this topic is because murders are getting out of control. The reason why I say murders are getting out of control is because innocent people are getting killed. People are putting other people in unreasonable danger, some people are scared to leave there house. There killing, stabbing the people that are in different gangs, sometimes they mistake and kill the wrong people. This topic is very important that’s why I picked it.
what i ve learned about murders in baltimore
What I’ve learned about murders in Baltimore?
  • What I've learned about murders in Baltimore was that falling down the wrong path will lead to you nowhere.

To start my survey I looked up information on my topic. Then I made up some questions based on the topic I picked.

what can i conclude
What can I conclude
  • I can conclude that my data has a lot of information about my rates. I can also conclude that my data is very explaining.

If I had to do the survey all over again I would choose another topic. I do a lot of research on the topic to come up with great questions.

what question would you research in the future
What question would you research in the future?
  • The questions I would like to research in the future is how was your lifestyle.