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Arm & Rijk. Planning van vandaag. Terugblik Uitleg paragraaf 1.2 Zelfstandig werken aan opdrachten p1.1 en p1.2 (en Controle van de spullen (bijhebben )). Terugblik. Verkenning grensgebied Mexico-VS Geschiedenis van Mexico (verdrag van Hidalgo, inflatie en deflatie)

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Arm & Rijk

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shtokman gas condensate field
650 km from the coast

3.6 trillion m3 gas

35 mln ton – condensate

Shtokman gas condensate field
Sub-sea gas pipeline

Land pipeline Teriberka-Volkhov (1400 km)

LNG Plant – Teriberka

not possible
High environmental challenges

No technologies and experience

Huge investments

Tight timeframe


Not possible!
environmental challenges
Extreme weather conditions: snowstorms, low temperatures, strong winds, icing

Polar nights

Drifting icebergs

Sea ice

Lack of experience

Lack of knowledge

Lack of technologies

Environmental challenges
no technologies
No technologies
  • While the Russian mechanical industry can build platforms and hulls, it does not have the skills for production of offshore platform technology.
no experience shn vit
No experience: “Shnøvit”
  • Emissions of CO2 – 920 000 ton annually, 2008 – 1.5 mln ton
huge investments
Huge investments

Investments to the shelf development in

2008-2020 – 612.7 billion rubles:

44 billion rubles - Government

569,8 billion rubles - extra-budgetary


russian national reserve fund of mineral deposits
Russian National reserve fund of mineral deposits
  • WHEN: in the end 2008
  • FOR WHOM: for future generations
  • WHAT INCLUDES: the biggest part of oil&gas fields on the continental shelf
  • WHY: “at present time Russian state companies don’t have needed technologies and enough financial resources for shelf development”
tight time frame
Tight time frame
  • 2008 - preparing of the ground for LNG plant
  • 2011 - drilling
  • 2011 – building of the modules for LNG plant
  • 2012 – building of sub-sea pipeline
  • 2013 – first gas by pipeline
  • 2014 – first LNG
  • 2014-2016 – building of on-land pipeline
Hervé Madeo, first deputy director of the Shtokman Development Company

“At present, no construction work is taking place in the area of Teriberka – only small research projects”

when will be the first gas
Oleg Mnacakanyan general director of «Arcticmorneftegazrazvedka» (AMNGR)

«I am afraid that my children will not see it, probably grandchildren»

When will be the first gas?
when will be the first gas1
Konstantin Dolgunov general director of “Sevmorneftegeofizika”

«The first gas from Shtokman will come not earlier 2021»

When will be the first gas?
impact of financial crisis have to use russian technologies
Impact of financial crisis: have to use Russian technologies
  • Gazprom and its subsidiaries look towards domestic suppliers of services and equipment

The technology gap in Russian:

While the Vyborg Yard constructs the hulls of the rig, the topsides are built in Korea by the SamsungHeavyIndustries. Similarly, the drilling technology will be provided by foreign companies.

impact of financial crisis development is not profitable
Impact of financial crisis: development is not profitable
  • “…only about one percent of Russia’s Arctic shelf hydrocarbons can be profitably extracted with the current oil and gas prices” (Ludmila Kalist, Federal Institute of Oil and Geology)
impact of financial crisis delays
Impact of financial crisis: delays
  • “…development programmes for the Shtokman field and the Arctic shelf could be delayed” (V.Ryashin, regional manager in Russia for INTSOK)
bellona demands
No oil and gas exploration and production in the seas of Arctic shelf.

No nuclearification of oil and gas industry.

Governmental demands and regulations should secure cutting-edge technologies and environmental standards aimed at minimizing the negative effects on the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility.


Bellona demands