How To Sell Your Property Yourself
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How to Sell Your Property Yourself - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Selling your home privately can save you money. There are a few things that you should know before selling your home yourself. Keep updated yourself with these things.

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How to sell your property yourself

How To Sell Your Property Yourself

Confused about how to sell your property yourself? Don't worry!! Minus The Agent is

there to clear all your doubts and make you an agent for your property!! Minus The

Agent is a leading property selling website in Australia where you can list and advertise

your property. This site will make your property visible to a large number of property

seekers, who will connect with you directly to make the deal!!

Sounds interesting !! Let me tell you more about it.

What is the biggest hurdle when you are trying to sell your property? It is the fact that

you can't reach buyers on your own. To solve this problem, you can list your property

on leading property websites in Australia such as Minus The Agent,, and, etc. The more listings you do, the better are your chances of finding a

buyer for your property. But listing on multiple sites can be time-consuming, it requires

your efforts and it could be expensive as each site will charge its listing fee.

In order to overcome these difficulties, you can select a site which does multiple listings

for you at no extra charges. That site is Minus The Agent!!! This is a site where you need

to fill in your details just once. Then you pay for the package that you select. There are

How to sell your property yourself

no additional costs or hidden charges. Once you have listed your property on this site by

uploading pictures and details about it, the site will help you reach seekers.

Your property will be listed on and It will be

advertised on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc. This high

level of publicity of your property will help you find a buyer fast.The site gives you the

control of the sales in your hands. You price your property, you market it, you negotiate.

We can see that utilising the services of this site is the fastest and cheapest way of selling

your property. This is because this portal enables you to directly connect with the buyers

without involving an agent. If you approach an agent for selling your property, you will

be paying him a percentage of the entire amount earned out of the deal. This is a much

bigger amount compared to the expense incurred towards the package selected.

So, now you know how to sell a property. Go ahead and boldly sell your property !!!