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Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems Georgia Institute of Technology Ohio State University PowerPoint Presentation
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Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems Georgia Institute of Technology Ohio State University

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Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems Georgia Institute of Technology Ohio State University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems Georgia Institute of Technology Ohio State University. Karsten Schwan, Calton Pu, Douglas Blough, Sudhakar Yalamanchili Jay Ramananathan Rajiv Ramnath. IUCRCERCS NSF Industry University Co-operative Research Center. Mission.

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Presentation Transcript

Center for Experimental Research in Computer SystemsGeorgia Institute of TechnologyOhio State University

Karsten Schwan, Calton Pu, Douglas Blough, Sudhakar Yalamanchili

Jay Ramananathan

Rajiv Ramnath

IUCRCERCS NSF Industry University Co-operative Research Center



Lead the innovation of systems, computing, and information technologies, to further the development of the interactive and distributed information services of the future, and to create the intellectual capital that can advance these technologies and fuel future discoveries.


+ Cloud Computing



Remote and Mobile Access

Information anytime, anywhere 






Client and Edge Devices


Extended Mission

  • Educational:
    • Seed new curricula and serve as a curricular resource for educational institutions worldwide
      • Matt Wolf – another Intel hackday (in planning)
    • Training of graduate students through internships
      • Most of our PhD students worked with external collaborators in in Summer 2013
      • Several MS students also summer interns, including at Amazon, Avaya, Google, IBM, Intel, startups, …
  • Outreach:
    • Alumni: creating new opportunities and building networks
      • Groups in Seattle, Portland, Silicon Valley, Boston, NY
    • Service to the broader community
      • Involvement in campus efforts: new GT public/private partnership for system-level research

CERCS Research Thrusts

Scientific Computing

Enterprise Systems

Mobile Systems

Sample Research Projects

  • Tools forheterogeneous platforms: Microsoft, Logicblox,AMD,NVIDIA
  • Execution models &
  • run-time systems – Intel, NVIDIA, Samsung
  • Heterogeneous Platforms– Intel, HP, DOE Sandia, NSF (Keenelandand Glassbox)



Active Management

  • GreenCloud- VMware,Yahoo
  • Automated Management – HP, Fujitsu, VMware, …
  • Power Efficient Global Memory and NVM – Intel, AMD, DOE
  • Platform Power Usage and Thermal Signatures – AMD, Intel, NVIDIA

Systems Infrastructure& Management

  • ExascaleI/O and OS– DOE ORNL, Sandia
  • Embedded ISTC – Intel
  • Privacy in Healthcare – NSF/Microsoft
  • Cloud ISTC – Intel & CMU
  • Cloud Computing and
  • Data-Intensive Systems
  • – Amazon, ICE, Intel, Logicblox, Fujitsu

End User



Strategic Thrusts - Update
























  • Scientific/Technical Computing – `Big Data’: Scalable, Reliable Access:
    • Intel processor donation, Intel Cloud ISTC, NVIDIA: heterogeneous multicore platforms (+accelerator-based systems); DOEExaOS award (Sandia, ORNL, LBL); Intel NVM award (on clients), additional collab. with Microsoft (on servers); new HP collaboration.
    • ORNL, Sandia, LBL, Argonne: High Performance I/O: joint research/interns, joint papers: DOE SDAV, ExACT, (new) SDM awards; continued work with CMU on ‘big data’; IBM on data streaming (using SPL); Sandia work on resilience.
    • `Database’ operators on GPUs (LogicBlox – Atlanta, NVIDIA);Benchmarks (ICE –Atlanta); PGAS memory (AIC, AMD); DOE Sandia and Los Alamos.
    • New: NSF SSI ‘Glassbox’ collaboration (Oregon, Houston); NSF Track II `Keeneland’ fundingended, but engagement cont.; CERCS postdoc: Xuechen Zhang; Extensive DOE engagements and future plans.




New Techs.



strategic thrusts updates
Strategic Thrusts - Updates
  • Embedded/Operating Systems/Computer Architecture: Heterogeneous Multicore Platforms and Cloud2theEdge:
    • Intel (asymmetric multi-core platforms (big/little cores => faster/slower memories – nice results); NVIDIA GPU-based investigations, with current funding from Samsung (Kim, Yalamanchili).
    • Intel: Cloud@theEdge: edge interactions + client/cloud, addt’l engagement with UFL researchers. Qualcomm engagement. Seeking addt’lcollabs.
    • News:Intel EC ISTC effort going strong, with additional collaborations with CMU researchers; Cloud@theEdge: via summer interns (Intel); new publications on ‘power’ topics (Intel); new Android-based infrastructure; Intel NVM usage for client platforms, with MoinQureshi. NSF–funded work on cloud mobility – Ammar/Naik/Zegura; addt’lGoogle engagement.


response times

image quality,

end-to-end delay,

jitter, loss rate

strategic thrusts updates1

Data Base

Application Logic


Front - end

Proxy Server

I n t e r n e t

Strategic Thrusts - Updates
  • Enterprise and Cloud Computing – Dynamic Information: Adaptive, Clean, Sustainable, Trusted:
    • HP, IBM, Intel Cloud ISTC, VMware: automated management in virtualized systems; QoS Clouds; I/O and hybrid platform virtualization (now also involves Japanese collaborators); IB bypass; ‘Monalytics’: additional interactions with Amazon (e.g., Summer 2013); ATT Labs joint effort on black box monitoring; new joint work with Microsoft on GPU instrumentation.
    • ‘GreenIT’ joint effort and facility with ME faculty; VMware cloud infrastructure support, plus joint work on IB and online management..
    • ICE: high performance financial codes (Nectere benchmarks); VMware: cloud benchmark suite (Xerxes); benchmarks in CMU Cloud ISTC repository.
    • Data-intensive systems and infrastructures: Intel Cloud ISTC, IBM SPL, startups, …
    • Fujitsu: cloud computing.
    • News:successful ‘Big Data’ track in ICAC conference (with HP); CaltonPu, ICAC PC chair (with VMware); ACM Middleware 2013 in Beijing, Karsten Schwan, PC chair. Book published (Prof. Joshi -ME); NSFCloud joint proposal being developed, OpenStack/Xen/KVM cloud on 1000+ cores; Scalable Flume benchmark suite, with online auto-conf.;Troubleshooting annotated biblio; CERCS NSF IUCRC research project (Liu, Blough, Microsoft).New results with Intel Cloud ISTC (e.g.,paper in SOCC13).
cercs personnel
CERCS Personnel
  • Faculty
    • MustaqueAhamad, MostafaAmmar, Doug Blough, Greg Eisenhauer, Nick Feamster, Ada Gavrilovska, Hyesoon Kim, Wenke Lee, Ling Liu, SaibalMukhopadhyay, MayurNaik, Alex Orso, SantoshPande, Milos Prvulovic, CaltonPu, MoinQureshi, Kishore Ramachandran, Jay Ramanathan (Ohio State), Rajiv Ramnath (Ohio State), George Riley, David Schimmel, Karsten Schwan, Magda Slawenska, Chris Stewart (Ohio State), Rich Vuduc, Matthew Wolf, SudhakarYalamanchili, HongyanZha, Xuechen Zhang.
  • News
    • Mary Jean Harrold (deceased), Hsien-Hsin Lee (on leave), Joel Saltz left Emory (cont. collab. with ORNL), new faculty hire in CS: HadiEsmaeilzadeh (comp. arch.), recruiting in Systems
    • Ohio State – CETI program closed as of June 2013
  • Associated Faculty/Researchers
    • HasanAbbasi (ORNL), Tucker Balch (GT-Robotics), Patrick Bridges (UNM), Ron Brightwell (Sandia), Alexander Gray, IrfanEssa, Yogendra Joshi (ME), Scott Klasky (ORNL), TahsinKurc (Emory), Kang Li, Sung Kyu Lim, Jay Lofstead (Sandia), Arthur Maccabe (ORNL), Vincent Mooney, Henry Owen, Jeff Nichols (ORNL), Ron Oldfield (Sandia), Kevin Pedretti (Sandia), KalyanPerumalla (ORNL), Jeff Vetter (ORNL), Patrick Widener (Sandia), Weikuan Yu (Auburn), ZlatkoZografski (USC).
industrial relations
Industrial Relations
  • IUCR CERCS Center
    • Contributors (GT): AMD, Cisco, DOE, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, ICE, Intel, LogicBlox,NVIDIA,OSISoft, Samsung, VMware,Yahoo
    • Industry Workshops and Industrial Advisory Board
  • Joint initiatives
    • planning for IUCR CERCS II, NSFCloud proposal, new DOE joint initiatives, CMU/Intel ISTC collaborations, disaster recovery, …
  • Internship Program
    • Adobe, Amazon, Avaya, ATT, CISCO, Dell, Delta, DOE (ORNL, Sandia), Google, HP, IBM, ICE, Intel, Microsoft, (Motorola), NEC Labs, NetApp, QualComm, Samsung, SRI, TCS, VMware, Wipro, Xerox, Yahoo
  • Evolving relationships:
    • Amazon, ATT, Huawei, Microsoft, NEC, NetApp, QualComm.
  • Many PhD and MS graduates:
    • Univ. Pgh., Amazon, ATT, IBM, Intel, Google, Qualcomm, VMware (2), postdocs, …