the encyclopedia of drugs and alcohol l.
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The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol

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The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol. Written By Greg Roza. Presented By: Jodie Rudd Library 150 Spring 2009. Call Number. R615.103 Roza 2001 . Bibliographic citation (MLA Format):. Roza, Greg. The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol . 1st Ed. 2001. Print. . Arrangement Content:.

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the encyclopedia of drugs and alcohol

The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol

Written By Greg Roza

Presented By: Jodie Rudd

Library 150

Spring 2009

call number
Call Number

R615.103 Roza 2001

bibliographic citation mla format
Bibliographic citation (MLA Format):

Roza, Greg. The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol. 1st Ed. 2001. Print.

arrangement content
  • Introduction
  • Entries
  • Where to Go for Help
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • Photo Credits
  • Acknowledgments

Arranged by origin, history, effects, and uses of drugs are discussed in the concise A-Z format.

  • Index is located on page 187 and goes through page 198, alphabetically lists subjects and the pages they are located.
scope and currency
Scope and Currency:
  • Material is in English, covers material up to 2001; covers more than 250 commonly used and abused legal and illegal drugs. Available at Pierce County Library and online retailers such as
  • The most current version is as of 2001. Currency is relevant.
intended purpose additional purposes served
Intended Purpose/Additional Purposes Served:
  • To provide education on 250 substances in America. “While simply knowing more about the dangers of drugs and the drugs themselves won’t make you impervious to substance abuse, it will help you make informed, educated decisions about drugs use.” Introduction, page vi
  • Providing valuable information for educators, councilors, or the general public, for drug awareness programs. Good learning tool for young adults.
  • Hardcover Book only, 9.3 x 7.6 x 0.7 inches, 199 pages. No other versions available.
special features
Special Features:
  • Provides on page 183 a list of organizations where one can seek help with substance abuse.
authority credentials
  • Greg Roza

-Writer and Editor for a children’s book publisher and teaches at the State University of New York in Fredonia.

personal impression
Personal Impression:
  • I found this book to be very educational, I liked how it showed how really harmful certain drugs can be. It really taught me something about legal and illegal drugs and there various uses.
examples typifying reference uses
Examples typifying reference uses:
  • What is Alcoholism?

-A disease distinguished by the inability to stop drinking alcohol. Alcoholism is one of the most common forms of addiction; approximately 8% of adults in the U.S. have alcohol problems.

  • How can you get Hepatitis?

-Most often results from viral infection caused by poor hygiene, unprotected sex, and blood transfusions. It can also be caused by certain chemicals and poisons, alcoholism, certain drugs, drug overdoses, and sharing needles to inject drugs into the body.

complementary sources either print or electronic
Complementary sources, either print or electronic:
  • The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol
illustration examples
Illustration Examples:

Sir Alexander Fleming


Scientist who discovered penicillin.

Professor Albert Calmette


Bacteriologist who developed the tuberculosis vaccine BCG.

Ritalin is primarily prescribed for children and teens.


From Academic Search Complete

-“A well-organized volume offering clear definitions and explanations. The alphabetical entries range from a half to a full page and consider common prescriptions and over-the-counter and recreational drugs, and provide information on alcohol. Recovery groups (Al-Anon, Narcotics Anonymous); activities (binge drinking, crime); illnesses (hepatitis, stroke); and reactions (alcoholic poisoning, coma) associated with substance abuse are also discussed. Some entries include helpful lists or charts (blood alcohol levels, slang terms, stages of drug use). The "Where to Go for Help" section includes organizations, hot lines, and Web sites. A short bibliography includes a couple of standard resources and several that are dated. The average-quality, black-and-white photographs are primarily decorative. This volume will fill a gap in middle school reference collections for a broad, accessible title on the topic and be a welcome addition to high school collections as well. It will be useful for students writing reports and those examining their own substance use.”

-Debbie Stewart, Grand Rapids Public Library, MI; Daryl Grabarek, Reference Book Editor and Walter Minkel, Technology Editor

  • Stewart, Debbie, Daryl Grabarek, and Walter Minkel. "The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol (Book Review)." School Library Journal 48.2 (Feb. 2002): 90. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO.
  • Roza, Greg. The Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol. 1st Ed. 2001. Print.