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Moving to Learn, Learning to Move PowerPoint Presentation
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Moving to Learn, Learning to Move

Moving to Learn, Learning to Move

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Moving to Learn, Learning to Move

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  1. Moving to Learn, Learning to Move Purposeful Movement Presented by Kelly Shaver

  2. Young Children Learn through movement Learn through play Learn by being active Learn being physical

  3. Movement Develops the whole body Including the brain

  4. What is purposeful movement Movements that contribute to development The brain engages the body Intentional movement It is something purposeful

  5. Purposeful movement activities Develop connects between: Brain Body

  6. Purposeful movement Our lives our filled with movement We move constantly It involves conscious thought A decision for physical action

  7. The child When they plan to move How to move Maintains awareness Then reflects on the movement He or she is moving with…………………………. PURPOSE!

  8. Physical movement Is Essential to learning during the early years of a child Not just physical learning but learning in all areas

  9. Development Young children develop top to bottom Young children development from the inside out

  10. Young children need Opportunities to explore, practice and develop their: Large and small muscles

  11. Young children need practice their Gross motor and Fine motor skills daily

  12. Early childhood programs Need to offer children a curriculum with activities to practice their ever development skills.

  13. Children come into this world: Learning to move! From birth. We need to inspire them to Move to Learn! Movement can enhance learning and gain focus!

  14. Movement Breaks are Brain Breaks using purposeful movement

  15. Ideas Hide the handouts or Hide and seek other items Movement means activity, activity needs space and organization Moving a group takes a plan, getting up 2 at a time, using names or colors White paper 4 corners, answer questions, get up and go to the paper, write reply 2 liter bottles with colored water, 2 large containers. Sand bag or salt bags- canvas child bags and sew to carry and transport. Bean bags Empowering children to take an active role in caring for the classroom: wipe tables, sweep floors, Wash shelves, and broom and dust pans. Using songs/music Using follow the leader type games Follow directions games Transitions with songs and movement and dance time in class.

  16. More ideas Matching games on the floor, move- walk- bend over- match Moving a table/moving chairs Flannel board activities Calling children up one at a time to give them a name tag Parachute play The magic circle (stretch) Roll the dice and jump to the number Deck of cards, pick a card and move Beach ball toss

  17. Thank you! Questions

  18. Make and Take Make activity Practice purposeful movement experiences