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Environmental Factors: Legal/Political PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Factors: Legal/Political

Environmental Factors: Legal/Political

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Environmental Factors: Legal/Political

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  1. Tax Benefits Offset Additional Cost of Hybrid Cars • Eligible for up to $3,400 tax credits • Additional Incentives for Buying Hybrid Cars • 36 states offer some kind of rebate, incentive or benefit • Google is offering $5,000 to each employee toward the purchase of a new hybrid • Hybrid Cars Gaining Popularity • In 2005, American car dealers sold more than 205,000 hybrid cars and SUVs. Environmental Factors: Legal/Political

  2. The automobile industry has been severely affected by the economy • Auto prices are low, so now is a good time to buy • Hybrid cars are extremely attractive to the teenage driver, because the parents will pay for the initial cost of the car, but the upkeep cost is minimal. Environmental Factors: Economic

  3. Environmental Factors: Economic Teenagers have been disproportionally more affected by the disappearance of jobs in the US economy, so now more than ever they are looking to purchase lower priced fuel efficient cars.

  4. “A new generation of green leaders” • EPA program motivates students to come up with innovative solutions to meet today’s pressing environmental challenges • “Are environmentalists scaring your kids?” • A video circling around schools to explain how America is destroying the planet. • Specifically made to appeal to kids, with child like animation • “Green generation” • The current generation is the first to have grown up entirely in a world confronting global climate change. • Surge of Media and Entertainment centered around awareness of environment • Day after tomorrow • Wall-E Environmental Factors: Societal/Cultural

  5. New technology is promoting awareness of environmentally friendly automobile • These days research is more geared toward the development of vehicles that will reduce their impact on the environment • The new features of hybrid cars are making them more attractive to the traditional car owner and making the transition to owning a hybrid even easier Environmental Factors: Technology/Competition

  6. Middle to upper middle class high school kids. • First car buyers, age: 16-20, parents funding the purchase. Target Segment: Our Recommendation

  7. Identifiable: Teenagers • Stable: There will always be teenagers looking for their first car in the market • Sizeable: Encompasses about 3% of US population, approximately 9.2 million people • Accessible: • Congruent: Target Segment: Substantiation

  8. Middle to upper middle high school kids and their parents • 50K to 100K household income • Encompasses about 3% of US population Key Traits: Demographics -US Census 2000

  9. American small families with one or few children • White collar society • Homeowners • Place importance on new vehicles Key Traits: Family

  10. Young environmentalist • Financially conservative • Image Conscious, borderline Vain • Prius owners “buy a Prius because it makes a statement about themselves” • Adventurous • Demanding and Opinionated • Capable of building an argument for parents • Academic • Trendy • Individualist, Following Sustainable Culture • Green is Trendy Key Traits: Personality

  11. Wants a car that represents them • Wants a car that goes with current trends • Compatible with technology • Green, efficient • Highly customizable Key Traits: Attitudes

  12. Places importance on: • Social Acceptance • Academics/Intelligence • Sustainable Living • Outward Appearance • “Underground-ness” • Activists toward change • Stray from Mainstream Key Traits: Lifestyle

  13. Culture • American • Subculture • Family Traits • White Collar Key Traits: Culture/Subculture

  14. Product info, Safety features, etc. theSX: Product

  15. The kids want it, the parents want to buy it. • Average amount spent on new car for kids • ~$15,500 • Honda Civic, Scion tC, and Acura TSX some of the most highly recommended and purchased for target segment • theSX Price • Base: $17,000 • Available upgrades including hundreds of accessories, customized by order can increase price up to $25,000 or more • -LeaseGuide 2010, Consumer Reports 2009 theSX: Price

  16. Stand alone showrooms • Small showcase of cars, and customers place orders for purchase • Both website and showrooms allow for almost limitless customization (i.e. the dell model of distribution) • theSX: Distribution

  17. Attractive payment plans for the parents (low interest over a long period of time) • Creative/different advertisements (i.e. the hybrid covered in vines LOOK IT UP, commercial where ground consumes Honda) • Sponsoring high school events (i.e. funding model UN) • Guaranteed greenness (warranties) • Placement of ads in national wildlife magazines, and green blogs. Facebook keyword ads towards environmentalists, and our target segment theSX: Promotion