annual dengue deaths n.
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Annual Dengue Deaths

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Annual Dengue Deaths - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Annual Dengue Deaths. By Kimiko Shihara Raheem. Introduction. My goal is to persuade the United Nations to give financial aid to my country. The country that I am representing is my home country, Sri Lanka.

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annual dengue deaths

Annual Dengue Deaths

By Kimiko Shihara Raheem

  • My goal is to persuade the United Nations to give financial aid to my country.
  • The country that I am representing is my home country, Sri Lanka.
  • The countries that I am using to compare data with Sri Lanka are New Zealand, Russia and Singapore.
  • Dengue is a tropical disease that threatens it’s victims lives.
  • Victims go through fever, booming headaches, rashes, swollen glands, and painful muscle/joint pains
  • There is no cure or vaccine for this disease.
  • Instead, prevention is usually by reducing the number of mosquitoes surrounding the areas and limiting the chance of mosquito bites.
  • The graph shows that Sri Lanka’s death toll is much larger than the other countries.
  • The range between the highest and lowest death toll is 999,700.
  • This graph shows that:
  • Sri Lanka death toll takes more than of total amount! (total amount- 648 people dying in all countries)
  • The number of deaths caused by Dengue in Sri Lanka is about 13 times bigger than the death toll in Singapore!
  • I would like the United Nations to give money to treat those who are having dengue and to support Sri Lanka with more mosquito repellent for those who do not have enough money to afford it.
  • UN could also make small, yet useful villages which would protect the people on the streets from mosquitoes in a closed area. Along with people to take care of the poor people.
  • 580 innocent people are dying of dengue each year!
  • Imagine 580 of your loved ones suffering, and dying helplessly.
  • Or imagine yourself, going through all that pain and having the grief of dying, with no help at all. Along with 579 people feeling the exact same way…