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Displayed with permission. http://blogs.ubc.ca/journalclub/. A Look From Both Sides Now. Melissa Muth University Libraries University of Missouri-Kansas City. Philosophical Musings. When serendipity and opportunity collided . or. How one librarian and one professor changed the world.

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displayed with permission
Displayed with permission


a look from both sides now

A Look From Both Sides Now

Melissa Muth

University Libraries

University of Missouri-Kansas City

philosophical musings
Philosophical Musings

When serendipity and opportunity collided


How one librarian and one professor changed the world

the course history of modern philosophy
The Course: History of Modern Philosophy
  • Undergraduate
  • Mix of majors and non-majors
  • Intensive writing
  • Semester long research project
the course of events
The Course of Events
  • Began
    • with a suggestion
    • to a faculty member
    • who was open to ideas.
  • Developed
    • into a partnership
    • among the librarian, students, and professor
    • who share a common goal.
experiments that failed
Experiments that Failed
  • Office Hours
    • tried twice and failed twice
  • Instruction by vote
  • IM in LibGuide
experiments that seemed to work
Experiments that Seemed to Work
  • Collaboration
  • Integration
    • Content Management System
  • Creation/Iterations
    • Course Specific LibGuide
  • Continuation
    • “Traditional” Library Instruction Session

Research Project Stage 1: Selecting your umbrella topic

  • The umbrella topics are general topics that cover a broad philosophical landscape. Your Stage 1 project is to identify the general topic that you will work in with this semester. Once you have selected your umbrella topic Stage 2 involves focusing in on a specific philosophical topic within the umbrella topic.
  • Here is an example of the relationship between Stage 1 and Stage 2: Suppose that the umbrella topic that you are working within is “Innateness and its critics.” After reading some general works about the subject you might decide to write about the debate between Leibniz and Locke on innateness. Notice that this narrows the topic to a manageable dimension.
  • Guidelines for Stage 1, How to select an umbrella topic:
  • Read some general works.
  • Melissa Muth, our Research and Instruction Librarian, has prepared a very useful guide tailored specifically for this course available at: http://libguides.library.umkc.edu/philos320
  • Go to the Philosophy 320 Research Guide:
  • use the Umbrella Topic tab to see the list of general works you should review
  • review the general sources:
  • create an annotated bibliography
    • cite the source or sources you consulted
    • describe how you ranked and selected the umbrella topic based what you read
  • use the Bibliography tab to see a sample annotation and other tips
  • On or before due date of September 1, 2011turn in:
  • your preferences
  • your annotated bibliography
  • You will be assigned an umbrella topic and will become part of the research group dealing with that topic. Find out who the other members of the group are.
  • Once you have been assigned your umbrella topic and your research group you will want to do some in depth research for Stage 2. Outline, Enumerative Bibliography, Research Statement. Guidelines will follow.


Research Consultations (RC)

up to 11/4/11*

up to 11/4/11**

embedded librarianship
Embedded Librarianship

Photo by http://www.flickr.


  • Evolving
  • Involving

Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/thinkpublic/