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custom. Repetitive act, characteristic of a group of people. Repetitive act/individual. habit. Heterogeneous groups. More typical of popular culture then folk culture. Uniform landscape. More typical of popular culture than folk culture. Folk culture is spread primarily by.

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  1. custom Repetitive act, characteristic of a group of people

  2. Repetitive act/individual habit

  3. Heterogeneous groups More typical of popular culture then folk culture

  4. Uniform landscape More typical of popular culture than folk culture

  5. Folk culture is spread primarily by Relocation diffusion

  6. Horse and buggy used by the Amish is an example of what type of culture folk

  7. Diffusion through modern communication systems is more likely with Popular customs

  8. Which culture needs modern communication for rapid diffusion? Popular culture

  9. Frequent changes Popular culture

  10. Which culture is more likely to vary from place to place at a given time? folk

  11. The main effect of modern communication systems on social customs has been to increase the similarity of social customs in different locations.

  12. Familiar events in daily life is from where folk customs originate.

  13. South Bronx Where hip hop music originated in the late 1970s

  14. The distinction between folk songs and popular songs Folk songs tell a story about daily life

  15. Vietnamese songs Folk custom used to diffuse information about agriculture

  16. Popular customs most frequently originate in more developed countries.

  17. The spatial distribution of soccer in the 20th century is an example of popular culture.

  18. The current distribution of soccer demonstrates that a folk custom can become part of popular culture.

  19. Art in the Himalayas shows how folk cultures are influenced by distinctive vegetation, climate and religion.

  20. Concepts that contemporary geographers reject physical environment causes people to adapt social customs and people ignore their physical environment

  21. Geographer Vidal de la Blache regarded food supply as Less subject to modification than the clothing and weapons, folk custom most closely tied to a particular climate, and the best available example of a folk custom.

  22. taboo restriction on a behavior

  23. taboo against pork characteristic of Judaism and Islam

  24. Why does China produce more pork than other countries in Southwestern Asia? Moslems have a taboo against pork

  25. Yuan and Shan people sleep with their heads facing the east to avoid the direction of evil spirits and death.

  26. What is not an important factor in distinguishing different types of folk housing in the United States? size of the building

  27. Materials used by settlers in the western territories of the U.S. to build houses indicates that building materials were influenced by local resources

  28. Lower Chesapeake important source area for folk houses

  29. Today, house types in the United States are distinguished by few regional distinctions, popular customs vary more in time than place, usually mass produced, and alternative styles have diffused throughout the country.

  30. neo-eclectic most important house style since 1960s

  31. Diffusion of a clothing item example of popular culture

  32. Preferences of snacks and beverages in the United States vary by what is produced locally

  33. In which of the following states would alcohol consumption be low? New York, Utah, Nevada, California, and Kentucky Utah

  34. The distribution of alcohol consumption in the U.S. displays the following characteristics level of income, rapid diffusion, and little regard of the physical environment.

  35. elements important to wine production topography, soil, climate, proximity to water supply

  36. distinctive characteristics of physical environment for wine production types of wine reflect the presence of trace elements in the soil, quality depends on the weather, vines grow the best in coarse well drained soil, and the need for moderate, wet winters and long, hot summers.

  37. Why is little wine produced in Asia? people do not have a tradition of wine making

  38. The difference of diffusion of internet compared to television diffusion of internet is faster

  39. modification of the physical environment impact of popular culture

  40. television per person is greatest in Europe.

  41. Clothing in Western countries is influenced by knowledge of fashion, level of income, and occupation.

  42. Features such as gas stations, motels, and supermarkets promote a uniform landscape.

  43. Less developed countries fear the loss of folk culture because Western perspectives may become more dominant.

  44. Depletion of scarce resources and pollution: Results of the diffusion of popular customs and how it adversely impacts environmental quality.

  45. Western countries supply a large percentage of the television news video, Western values permeate the media, Western news organizations have the money to hire correspondents around the world, and Western radio newscast can be heard in most countries. These are reasons Western dominance of the news is feared in less developed countries.

  46. Why do people maintain their folk culture despite the spreading of popular culture? a strong desire to preserve the uniqueness of their folk culture

  47. Popular and folk culture can both result in a higher level of environmental degradation, consumption of animal products, demand for raw material, and extinction of animal species.

  48. Women gain more opportunities outside the home in less developed countries if they have more contact with popular culture.

  49. In the United States, the number of golf courses is highest in the north central states, where there is long tradition of playing golf.

  50. Inefficient use of the World’s grain supply is the result of large-scale consumption of chicken in more developed countries.

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