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Ball Review

Ball Review. If you get the ball when the music stops, say your birthday!!. Movies!!!. Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!!!. How to make a movie…. What do you need to make a movie?. LIGHTS!. CAMERA!!. ACTION!!!. AN Actor. Male Young or Old Handsome. An Actress. Female Young or Old Beautiful.

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Ball Review

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  1. Ball Review • If you get the ball when the music stops, say your birthday!!

  2. Movies!!! Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!!!

  3. How to make a movie… • What do you need to make a movie? LIGHTS! CAMERA!! ACTION!!!

  4. AN Actor Male Young or Old Handsome

  5. An Actress Female Young or Old Beautiful

  6. A Director Male or Female Young or old Lights, Camera, ACTION! CUT!

  7. A movie Script A story Read by the actors and actresses

  8. Review

  9. Do you want to see a movie? 1. Do you want to see a movie? 2. Yes, let’s go see a movie. 1. When do you want to see a movie? 2. Let’s go on Friday night! Four things you need to see a movie…

  10. Movie Theater

  11. Movie Ticket

  12. Pop Corn

  13. Friends

  14. Seeing a movie • Movie Theater • Movie Ticket • Pop corn • Friends

  15. Word Scramble • Two Teams • Must raise hand first to answer!

  16. trcasse • ACTRESS

  17. Cprsit • SCRIPT

  18. Rethaet • THEATER



  21. tcroA • ACTOR

  22. SFinred • FRIENDS

  23. Hangman! Take turns guessing letters to get the correct word! • Vocabulary • Actor • Actress • Director • Script • Theater • Ticket • Pop corn • Friends

  24. Movie Genres • Different types of movies • Four genres • Comedy • Romance • Horror • Action Others include thrillers, sci-fi, documentaries, chick-flicks and many more…

  25. Horror Horror movies are ______ ! SCARY

  26. Paranormal Activity 2

  27. romance Happy Sad Romance movies are _______. SAPPY

  28. The NoteBook

  29. Comedy Comedy movies are _______ ! FUNNY

  30. Kung Fu Panda 2

  31. action EXCITING Action movies are _____________!

  32. Transformers 3

  33. What Movie Genre do you like? • Horror = scary • Romance = sappy • Comedy = funny • Action = exciting I like ______ movies. I don’t like ______ movies.

  34. Practice Dialogue • Hey _____, do you want to go to a movie? • Yes, let’s go see a movie! 1. When do you want to go see a movie? 2. Let’s go on _______ night! • What movie genre do you like? • I like _______ movies. 1. Ok, we will go see a _________ movie! 2. Great! See you later!

  35. Create your own movie! You must create your own movie with a: • Genre: My movie is a ________ movie. • Title:My movieis called __________. • Actor: The actor will be ___________. • Actress: The actress will be _________. • If you finish, write the story of what will happen in the movie! Write it down! You will have 5-7 minutes to complete.

  36. Now Share! • I want at least 5 volunteers to share their movies!

  37. Next week is … • Hobbies and Music! Don’t forget we will have a test at the end of the month!! December 26th - 30th.

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