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虚拟天文台现状与进展 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chinese Virtual Observatory. 虚拟天文台现状与进展. 崔辰州 中国科学院国家天文台 China-VO 研发团队. Agenda. VO ABC IVOA History and Current Status China-VO A to Z History Current Activities. Historical Development. Arpanet -------------------> Internet. 网络的扩张和渗透. Scientific American, January 2001.

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Chinese Virtual Observatory





  • VO ABC
  • IVOA History and Current Status
  • China-VO A to Z
    • History
    • Current Activities

China-VO 2006, Guilin


Historical Development

Arpanet -------------------> Internet


China-VO 2006, Guilin


Scientific American, January 2001

Optical Fiber

(bits per second)

(Doubling time 9 Months)

Data Storage

(bits per square inch)

(Doubling time 12 Months)

Performance per Dollar Spent

Silicon Computer Chips

(Number of Transistors)

(Doubling time 18 Months)









China-VO 2006, Guilin


世界上3米以上级望远镜的总面积 (m2)

CCD 像素的总数 (megapixel)



China-VO 2006, Guilin

  • CPU:PIII、PIV、超线程、双核、(双CPU、多核多处理器)
  • Memory:32M-64M-128M-256M-512M-1G-(4~8G)
  • Disk:20G-40G-80G-160G-(320~500G-1~2TB)
  • Network:10Mbps-100Mbps-1000Mbps

China-VO 2006, Guilin

  • 文献获取:图书馆复印->在线下载
  • 研究样本:102~3 ->105~7
  • 数据获取:本人观测->数据库检索
  • 数据类型:单一波段和类型->多波段多类型
  • 数据处理:手工处理->自动处理、统计分析
  • 文章发表:邮寄->Email ->在线->Weblog
  • 引用方式:期刊文献->网页、网站、URL地址
  • 课题开展:单兵作战->团队合作

China-VO 2006, Guilin


Compute resources

for modeling, simulation,

data analysis




Cyberinfrastructure: Bringing Resources to Researchers





Digital collections


knowledge management


for visualization

and collaborations

China-VO 2006, Guilin


Virtual Sky


Virtual Telescope

Virtual Instrucments&Tools

Virtual Observatory

China-VO 2006, Guilin

vo concept
VO concept
  • 虚拟天文台是一个通过先进的信息技术把世界范围内的研究资源无缝透明联结起来组成的数据密集型网络化天文研究和科普教育环境,是e-Science时代天文学研究信息化的重要特征。
  • The power of the World Wide Web is its transparency. It is as if all the documents in the world are inside your PC. The idea of the Virtual Observatory is to achieve the same transparency for astronomical data and other related information (Quinn et al. 2004).

China-VO 2006, Guilin

  • 1990s:NASA成立了按波长划分的科学数据中心,多个地基数字巡天项目开始
  • 1999年4月, 美国理论、计算和数据发现十年规划调研专家组成立
    • Szalay, Prince, Alcock 提出 “National Virtual Observatory”的概念
  • 1999年11月, NVO 在JHU组织研讨会
  • 2000年2月, 第二届 NVO 研讨会在NOAO召开
  • 2000年6月, “Virtual Observatories of the Future”在Caltech召开,褚耀泉参加会议
  • 2001年2月, “新千年的天文学与天体物理学”发表
  • 2001年9月, 美国NSF 宣布对NVO项目的资助
  • 2002年6月,国际虚拟天文台联盟成立

China-VO 2006, Guilin

international vo alliance
International VO Alliance

China-VO 2006, Guilin

international vo alliance1
International VO Alliance
  • The IVOA brings together the astronomers, developers, and managers of the VO initiatives world-wide
    • Agreements on standards for data access (VOTable, catalog queries, image retrieval, resource descriptions, etc.)
    • Coordination of development activities
    • Sharing of software
    • Sharing of experience

China-VO 2006, Guilin

international vo alliance2
International VO Alliance

China-VO 2006, Guilin

ivoa recommendations
IVOA Recommendations

China-VO 2006, Guilin

ivoa events
IVOA Events

China-VO 2006, Guilin


First Science Paper from VO

  • A&A 424, 545-559 (2004) Discovery of optically faint obscured quasars with Virtual Observatory tools
  • The AVO science team discovered 31 previously undetected powerful supermassive black holes in the so-called GOODS (Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey) fields.

China-VO 2006, Guilin

second science paper from vo
Second Science Paper from VO
  • Accepted by A&A
  • Luminous AGB stars in nearby galaxies: A study using Virtual Observatory tools
  • Searching for very luminous AGB stars with J − Ks > 1.5 mag and H − Ks > 0.4 mag in the LMC, SMC, M31, and M33 from 2MASS data.

China-VO 2006, Guilin

ivo highlights i
IVO Highlights (I)
  • AstroGrid V2006.3
    • The first public release of VO infrastructure
    • MySpace, Workflow, Query Builder, Job Monitor, Resource querying
    • TopCat and Aladin
    • Science Services: Solar Movie Maker, and Redshift Maker
    • Science Services - Color Cutter, and AstroScope

China-VO 2006, Guilin

ivo highlights ii
IVO Highlights (II)
  • Aladin v3.7 multiview:
    • an interactive software sky atlas developed by CDS
    • MultiView, multiProjection
    • Resampling
    • Blinking: builds on the fly image sequences (slow movies)
    • GIF, JPEG and PNG support
    • Cut graph: along any segment
    • Cross match algorithm: for better object catalog analysis
    • Multi-language

China-VO 2006, Guilin

nvo core services
NVO Core Services
  • NVO Registry Portal: Find source catalogs, observation logs, image archives, and other astronomical resources registered with the NVO
  • DataScope:Discover and Explore Data in the Virtual Observatory
  • Open SkyQuery: Cross match yoru data with numerous catalogs
  • NVO Spectrum Services: Search, plot, and retrieve SDSS, 2dF, and other spectra
  • Web Source Extractor Upload images to SExtractor and cross-correlate the objects found with selected survey catalogs.

China-VO 2006, Guilin

china vo

Building the cyber-infrastructure for Chinese Astronomy

China-VO 2006, Guilin

r d focuses
R&D Focuses
  • China-VO Platform
  • Uniform Data Access System
  • VO-compliant projects
  • VO-enabled facilities
  • VO-based Public Education

China-VO 2006, Guilin


History and Events

  • 2001.11 1st VO workshop in China
  • 2002.7 “China-VO” kicked off
  • 2002.10 “China-VO” became a member of the IVOA
  • 2003.6 China-VO system design
  • 2003.9 the 2nd VO workshop
  • 2003.11 IVOA Small Projects Meeting
  • 2004.5 VOFilter 1.0 released
  • 2004.12 China-VO 2004
  • 2005.8 VOFilter 2.0 released
  • 2005.11 China-VO 2005
  • 2006.5 VO-DAS project began
  • 2006.7 SkyMouse 1.0 released
  • Now: China-VO 2006
  • 2007.5 IVOA interoperability meeting, Beijing

China-VO 2006, Guilin

china vo meeting 2001 beijing
China-VO Meeting (2001, Beijing)

VO is important, we should involve…

China-VO 2006, Guilin

china vo in 2002
China-VO in 2002
  • “China-VO” initiated
  • China-VO PI (Yongheng Zhao) attended the VO conference in Garching, ESO
  • Dr. Jim Gray (NVO, Microsoft Research) visited the China-VO
  • China-VO became a member of the IVOA

China-VO 2006, Guilin

china vo 2003 beijing
China-VO 2003, Beijing

China-VO 2006, Guilin

small project meeting beijing
Small project meeting, Beijing
  • 26-28 November 2003: Beijing, China
  • Main topics:
    • Advantages and disadvantages of small projects.
    • The role of small projects in the IVOA.
    • R&D focus of small projects.
    • Collaboration among small projects and with big VO projects.
    • Implementation of IVOA standards and infrastructures developed by other VO projects.
  • 39 participants from Korea, Japan, India, Europe, UK and China (including Taiwan)

China-VO 2006, Guilin

brief review
Brief Review

China-VO 2006, Guilin

china vo 2004 wuhan hubei
China-VO 2004, Wuhan, Hubei

China-VO 2006, Guilin

china vo 2006
China-VO 2006
  • Theme: the coming e-science era for astronomy research
  • Date: November 29th – December 3rd
  • Place: Guangxi Normal Univ., Guilin, Guangxi

China-VO 2006, Guilin

two xslt transforms
Two XSLT transforms
  • VOFilter
    • an XML filter for Calc to open VOTable files
  • VOTable2XHTML
    • a stylesheet to transform VOTable data into HTML/XHTML format

China-VO 2006, Guilin


A Smart On-line Astronomical Information Collector


  • Touch the sky with your mouse
  • An intelligent client for VO services
  • A commodity for astronomers and students

China-VO 2006, Guilin

vo data access service vo das
VO Data Access Service (VO-DAS)
  • Based on comparative mature Grid middle-wares, for example Globus Toolkit and OGSA-DAI, the VO-DAS system will provide VO-compliant, uniform access interfaces for different kinds of astronomical resources existing as VO services, databases, file systems and even data mining algorithms and other applications.

China-VO 2006, Guilin



Q & A


www. .org

China-VO 2006, Guilin