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Distressed assets for sale

A place to buy and sell distressed business and property assets

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Distressed assets for sale

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  1. The place to buy and sell distressed business and property assets Website: http://www.insolvencymarket.com.au/ Contact: 5c (Ground Level) 28-30 Jackson Street TOORAK VIC 3142 Australia.Email:info@insolvencymarket.com.au

  2. About Insolvency Market At Insolvency Market our aim is to create and strengthen the link between buyers and sellers of distressed assets. We have made the advertising and search process as simple and comprehensive as possible by creating an easy-to-use navigation process, where buyers can search and locate assets of interest. We are an Australian owned company, headquartered in Melbourne. For more information go to Contact Us page.

  3. How Insolvency Concept Works? From time to time, businesses (and individuals) face financial difficulty and may not be able to service or pay back their financial obligations to creditors. When this occurs, the company (or individual) may need to sell assets in order to pay back creditors and an insolvency practitioner may be appointed to administer the sale of such assets. Selling 'distressed' assets requires insolvency practitioners to act in the best interest of creditors and shareholders, and exercise a high standard of professional service and conduct. As part of this duty of care, insolvency practitioners use their best efforts to obtain the market price for assets - or at least a reasonably attainable price given the circumstances. Buying distressed assets may differ from other retail products and services given the varying types of assets, location of assets and unusually short time-frames for selling. Practitioners will use their discretion to determine the most optimal mode of sale and determine whether an auction is most appropriate or directly selling to the public (through collecting expressions of interest). Insolvencymarket assists practitioners in advertising assets and strengthens the channel between buyers and sellers, creating greater transparency and exposure in the sale process than previously available.

  4. Continuation to “How Insolvency Works?”… Information available about the sale includes: • Asset description and photos • Valuation of the asset • Mode of sale - auction house vs. expressions of interest • Auction date / closing date for expressions of interest • Location of asset • Seller contact information

  5. Continuation to “How Insolvency Works?”… AUCTIONS: If the sale process is through an auction, insolvencymarket will provide all the information needed for you to participate in the auction - the name of the auction house, the location and time of the auction. It's up to you to attend the auction or get in touch with the auction house if you want to participate in the sale. EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: If the sale is directly with the practitioner, you are encouraged to contact the practitioner with an expression of interest. Once expressions of interest have been collected (up until the closing date) the practitioner will usually pick a handful of the most appropriate parties to deal with, and then begin negotiations directly with those parties. If you see an asset of interest and believe you can make an attractive offer, then use the "Expression of Interest Form" located to the right of the advertisement. This form will enable you to send emails directly to the seller. You must first sign up with insolvencymarket before you can submit an email through the Expression of Interest form.

  6. Insolvency offerings… Become a distressed asset Buyer Through signing up as a distressed asset buyer you will have access to: Free use of the site • The full range of insolvent company assets • Be able to communicate directly with sellers through the 'Expression of interest' form • Receive email notifications when assets of interests are listed Distressed Asset Sellers; For Practitioners Sign up now to receive a free 3 month trial including having access to: • Advertise the sale of insolvent company assets • respond to interested parties • A full range of services designed to promote and facilitate quick and easy disposals. • For more information please refer to client services

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