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What is Gradle in Android Studio? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Gradle in Android Studio?

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What is Gradle in Android Studio?
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What is Gradle in Android Studio?

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  1. What is Gradle in Android Studio?

  2.  In addition to being the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android app development, Android Studio development of variety of apps.  The latest version of Android Studio allows developers to write applications in two robust programming languages — Java and Kotlin. Also, it comes with several new features to accelerate development of Android Instant apps and Android Things apps.  The developers can further build a variety of Android apps efficiently by integrating the IDE with various plug-ins and tools. has been evolving consistently to accelerate

  3.  Android Studio even allows developers to take advantage of a robust automated build toolkit like Gradle. In addition to supporting multiple programming languages, Gradle also facilitates continuous app delivery and app delivery automation by providing a set of tools and features.  The developers can take advantage of the Android plug-in for Gradle to automate and manage build process more efficiently. They even have option to define custom build processes with their own resources and code.  The custom build processes help developers to configure and manage Android app development more efficiently.

  4. Overview of Important Features and Tools Provided by Gradle Provides First Class Supports to Multiple IDEs While using Android Studio, the developers can use Gradle as an automated built toolkit. But Gradle supports several widely used programming languages and platforms. It even provides first class support to widely used IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans and Idea, in addition to Android Studio. The developers can integrate Gradle with other IDEs seamlessly through specific plug-ins. Hence, they run Gradle as a command-line environment independent of Android Studio.

  5. Adds Several Features to Android Studio The build system used by Android Studio is developed based on Gradle. The developers can integrate Gradle with the IDE seamlessly through Android plug-in for Gradle. The plug-in enables programmers to initiate and manage various Gradle tasks directly from Android Studio. However, the developers still need to update the plug-in separately to avail the features provided by the latest version of Gradle. Each time the developers update Android Studio, they will receive a prompt to update Android plug-in for Gradle automatically.

  6. Simplifies Custom Build Configuration Each Android project is managed by Gradle build system automatically. The tools provided by Gradle further make it easier for developers to configure custom build processes. They can even use the robust build toolkit to create and configure custom build without making changes to the source code base of the app. The Gradle build scripts are further generated automatically each time a new project in created in Android Studio. The developers can even accelerate custom build configuration by running Gradle in a number of ways.

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