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We offer affordable physics tuition for secondary classes who students are struggling in physics subject. Contact at http://www.mindcentre.com.sg/

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Tuition Centers in Singapore: Means to Get Good Academic Results

Up to a few years ago, the tuition was supposed to be a thing for the weak students. But, the perception has been entirely changed nowadays without any second thought. There are a number of toppers who have acquired the extra education from the tuition centers. The tuitions are the means to increase the knowledge and to do the practice of various concepts in the present scenario.


Our Service Results

  • Bishan Tuition

  • Secondary Level Tuition Centre

  • Primary Level Tuition Singapore

  • O Level Tuition Singapore

  • Mathematics Tuition Class Singapore

  • Physics Tuition Class Singapore


Bishan Results Tuition

In Singapore also, a huge trend of increasing the knowledge by getting the extra education from these institutes is prevalent. In this small country, you can get the institutes with expert faculty members who can provide you the quality education. The Serangoon and Bishan tuition centers are widely popular these days. If you don’t find the centers near you, then you can contact their franchises, which provide equal quality in the education. These tuition centers provide the education to the students with different age group.


Physics Tuition Class Singapore Results

Chemistry tuition class, biology tuition class and physics tuition class Singapore are the parts of science classes in the institutions. At the primary and secondary levels, usually there is a single subject named “science”, in which all the subjects are covered. At the junior college level, physics, chemistry and biology are available as separate subjects.


English Tuition Classes Results

English is supposed to be one of the most essential subjects in the present scenario. The English classes can be found at every level. At the Junior College level, English is included under the General Paper classes.

General Paper Classes

The general paper classes are given to the students at junior college level. These classes cover GP and English at the higher level.


Chinese Classes Results

Chinese is one of the official languages of Singapore. It is a known fact that the Standard Mandarin dialects of Chinese are widely spoken by many people of Singapore. So, Chinese as a language is widely taught in Singapore. There are the institutions in Singapore, where you get the Chinese classes as per the academic syllabus.


Humanities Classes Results

The subjects under the humanities classes may differ depending upon the level. The subjects, which are taught under the humanities classes, are history, geography, economics and Principle of Accounts (POA).

You can get the detailed information about these classes on the websites of the institutions available in Singapore. You also get the info about their branches and franchises on these internet sites..

Contact Us Results


Address : Blk 265 Serangoon Central

Drive,#04-267, Singapore 555265 

Mobile/Tel: 9838 8821, 62855891

E-mail: [email protected]


Address : Blk 239 Bishan Street 22, B1-202, Singapore 570239

Mobile: 8719 0609​​

Email: [email protected]