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GPCA Responsible Care Workshop Dubai September 24-25 2013 Robert Wakefield Country Director Bahrain PowerPoint Presentation
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GPCA Responsible Care Workshop Dubai September 24-25 2013 Robert Wakefield Country Director Bahrain

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GPCA Responsible Care Workshop Dubai September 24-25 2013 Robert Wakefield Country Director Bahrain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GPCA Responsible Care Workshop Dubai September 24-25 2013 Robert Wakefield Country Director Bahrain. Introduction. Hertel is a multi-disciplined Industrial Services company Predominantly focused on the Offshore, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical markets Present in Europe, Middle East and Asia

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Presentation Transcript
GPCA Responsible Care Workshop Dubai September 24-25 2013

Robert Wakefield

Country Director Bahrain



  • Hertel is a multi-disciplined Industrial Services company
  • Predominantly focused on the Offshore, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical markets
  • Present in Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • 12,000 employees worldwide
  • Annual Turnover in 2012 was Euro 907 million
hertel in the middle east

Hertel in the Middle East

  • Present in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE
  • Activities spread across Insulation, Painting, Scaffolding and Refractory
  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Hertel expansion in Middle East has been through acquisition and establishment of Joint Ventures
  • Hertel Regional Office in Middle East is in Abu Dhabi
  • Employees in Middle East - 2500


  • Vision
  • Drivers
  • History
  • Global Approach to HSE Management – Pyramid
    • HSE Policy
    • HSE Management Framework
    • Standard Guidances & Practices
    • Target Zero Programmes
    • Conclusion


“Hertel aims to continuously operate worldwide in a safe and responsible manner with the greatest respect for the health and safety of its employees, contractors, customers, the communities and the environment in which it operates.”



“Managing Health, Safety & Environmentalaspectsand impacts professionally is anintegral part of running a successful business, in particular in the industries Hertel is active in. Safety effortscan make or break ourcompany’sreputationand is inherent as a requirementforbothexisting as well as forpotentialandexistingclients.

HSE - activities have been part of Hertel’sheritagefor more than 100 years. Focus has always been on – Doing the job safely- preventinginjuriesandillhealth - and respect for the environment.”



Hertel’s future challenge for safety derives from:

  • Hertel wants to be injury-free
  • Customers’ expectation for high levels of safety
  • Financial; Good safety is Good business
  • Expectation of our employees and communities


Group TRIF - Development

  • In 5 years time, Total Recordable Injury Frequency decreased from 2.10 to 0.39 (81%)
  • Lost Time Injury Frequency Moving Average decreased by 89%
  • Overall, employees return home safely and their injuries are less severe than in the past
  • Improvement in safety performance is approaching a deadlock
    • A need for different emphases is upon Hertel: global standardization; cultural aspects.

TRIF (200,000 worked hours)


global approach to hse management

Global Approach to HSE Management

The pyramid resembles our built approach towards safety: in order to obtain the goals set in our policy, all underlying bases need to be covered in a sustainable way.

It is important to note that, all things equal, local offices have an important role in establishing the success of this pyramid. The actual safety performance for Hertel stands or falls with the communication, cooperation and coordination of this pyramid.

hse policy

HSE Policy

  • Vigorous focus on zero Harm
  • Needforactiveinvolvement
  • Strengthening of safety culture
  • Continuousimprovement in allaspects
  • Stimulatecommunication, cooperation

andcoordination on HSE management.

hse management framework

HSE Management Framework

  • Learning platform across Company.
  • Best-in-class processesandprocedures in placetoidentify, analyzeand manage hazards andrisks.
  • Control mechanismforour Target Zero Culture.
  • Enables the 3Cs betweenregions: Organisational Learning.
  • Alignmentwith the Customer requirements.
  • Interdependencebetweenelements, processesand tools.
hse management framework1

HSE Management Framework

  • Element 1 - Leadership, Commitment & Culture
  • Element 2 - Risk Assessment & Planning
  • Element 3 - Resources, Roles & Responsibility
  • Element 4 - Competence, Training & Awareness
  • Element 5 - Operational Risk Management
  • Element 6 - Management of Change
  • Element 7 - Communication, Participation & Consultation
  • Element 8 - Performance Measurement & Monitoring
  • Element 9 - Management Review & Verification
hse management framework3

HSE Management Framework

Element 2 - Risk Assessment & Planning

  • Ongoingidentificationand assessment of hazards andtheirriskstogainunderstanding of whatneedsto go right.
  • Improveoperational risk status with the goal of achieving ALARP or better.
  • Building a flexibleandresilientsafety culture toachieve high levels of operationalandsituational awareness.

Element 1 –

Leadership, Commitment & Culture

  • Commitment & involvement of everyone in Hertel is required.
  • Lead in HSE as individualswithinour teams and as anorganization.
  • Building a world class safety culture.
hse management framework4

HSE Management Framework

Element 4 – Competence, Training & Awareness

  • Selection of the right peoplefor the right job is essential.
  • Continuous training is requiredtomaintainandenhanceknowledgeand skills.
  • Training & awareness are requiredtoperformthe job competentlyandthoroughly.

Element 3 – Resources, Roles & Responsibility

  • Defining the roles and responsibilities to ensure we continue to operate as safely as reasonably possible.
  • Making available the resources required in order to ensure sustained effort and consistent achievement of our goals.
hse management framework5

HSE Management Framework

Element 6 - Management of Change

  • Necessitytoavoid the probability of invalidating the risk management processdueto new hazards andrisks.
  • Systems must be in placethatrecognizeand control changes that have the potentialtocompromiseoperationalintegrity.
  • Ensuring change is understoodandrecognised.

Element 5 - Operational Risk Management

  • Ensure identified hazards andrelated risk scenarios are controlledeffectively.
  • Putting in place the required safe systems of work.
  • Account for the hierarchy of controlstowithstanddegradationeffects of human, organizationalandtechnical factors.
hse management framework6

HSE Management Framework

  • Consideringanddiscussjointly issues of mutual concern toseekacceptablesolutionstoproblems.
  • It requires full participation at all levels in order to make these processes as thoroughandefficient as possible.

Element 7 – Communication, Participation & Consultation

  • Providing the dissemination of information upwards, downwards and across our organization so that it is understood by all relevant persons.
hse management framework7

HSE Management Framework

  • The results of measurementand monitoring are tobeanalysedandusedtoidentifybothsuccessesandareasrequiringcorrection or improvement.

Element 8 – Performance Measurement & Monitoring

  • Adopting a systematic approach formeasuringand monitoring HSE performance.
  • Planning whatandhow performance willbemeasured, includingwhereandwhen.
hse management framework8

HSE Management Framework

  • This is critical in ensuring the continuousimprovementandeffectiveness of oureffortsin HSE management.

Element 9 – Management Review & Verification

  • Link must beestablishedbetween the system assessment and, itsverificationand the policy expectationsandframeworkrequirements.
  • Past experienceandfindings of verified assessments are used as input to updating the next set of operationalplansfor HSE.

Standard guidances & practices

  • Procedures & Guidance in order to support implementation of the HSE Management Framework andprocesses.
  • Standards as a procedural set of requirements
    • Followingspecificoperational topics within the HSE Management Framework, mainlyoutcomes of risk assessment.
    • LSRsbecomeoperationalvalues.

Target Zero Programmes

  • Programmes are the practical translation of the Management System.
  • Procedures, practicesandguidance as support to the Management System andPolicy.
  • Standardizingworkingmethodstowardsone approach.
  • Bettercomparisonand cooperation: best practicesand bottlenecks easieridentified.


  • Life Saving Rules
  • TimeOut Programme
  • Last Minute Risk Assessment
  • Site Safe Visits
  • Hearts & Minds
  • Hertel Safety Leadership Programme


Life Saving Rules

  • Life Saving Rules offer a straightforwardand coherent set of guidelinesto approach generalrisksfaced in the industry.
  • Years of research by the OGP led to a combined set of 18 high risk areas.


  • Spot -potentially- hazardous acts or situations at anearly stage.
  • Continuousdevelopmentandimprovement of Hertel’s systems.


Last Minute Risk Assesment

  • Identifyand control risksthat have been overlooked or couldn’tbeanticipatedbefore, justbeforeworkcommences.

Hearts & Minds

  • Toolkit to help advance towardsa highercultural level.
  • Provides the processand tools to get everyoneinvolved.


Hertel Safety LeadershipProgramme

  • Familiarization of middleanduppermanagement with the complete integrative approach towardssafetywithin Hertel.
  • Assurance of management understandingHertel’ssafety approach andabilitytopromotethisinternallyandexternally.

Site Safe Visits

  • Engagement with the workforce.
  • Active involvement & quick resolution of outstanding issues.


  • Hertel has made goodprogress in the past few years.
  • There is a compellingneedforemphasis on standardizationandculturalaspects, as a next step.
  • Futureconsists of:
    • Standardization of systems andworkingmethods.
    • Uniform andsubstantiatedmessagesthroughcommunicationchannels.
    • Becomingan expert-follower in safety management.
hertel and gpic

Hertel and GPIC

  • We have worked together since 1990
  • Painting and Scaffolding activities throughout plant
  • GPIC safety culture is embedded in its entire workforce – as is Hertel’s
  • The combination makes GPIC a very safe place for our people to work
  • We recently celebrated 1 million manhours safe working in GPIC
  • GPIC is a major partner of ours in our Road to Zero


  • Multi National workforces
    • Our workforce from Bahrain, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Phillipines, UK
    • Diverse cultures and attitudes to EHS
  • Educational level of general workforce
    • Varied educational levels
    • Difficult to teach basic EHS without basic educational base
    • Has been a recruitment issue
  • Weather and other environmental issues
    • Heat and Humidity are significant EHS factors in Middle East
    • Heat Stress is a major health hurdle
success story

Success Story

  • 9th September 2013 in Ammonia Area 7
  • Scaffolder DhanBahadur Ran noticed a small electrical fire starting
  • He calmly stopped work and made his way to emergency phone and contacted emergency services
  • He then returned to the fire location by which time the fire was taking hold
  • He located a Dry Powder extinguisher and extinguished the fire prior to the arrival of the emergency services
  • A potential catastrophe was averted because Contractor and LSP were fully alligned from an EHS perspective