Daily warm up
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Daily Warm Up.

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Daily warm up
Daily Warm Up

Why do you believe that hip hop and rap music are most popular amongst teenagers your age? Many believe that African Americans appeal most to the music but it is obvious that all ethnicities enjoy hip hop and gangster rap. What are the characteristics that come to your mind when you think of rap music and why does it appeal to you?

Early rap hip hop

Early Rap / Hip Hop



Shug Knight and Dr. Dre

Run dmc 1983 2002
Run DMC(1983-2002)

Most influential hip hop group

From Queens New York

Named the greatest Hip Hop band by VH1

Daily warm up

  • Joseph “DJ Run” Simmons

  • Darryl “DMC” McDaniels

  • Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell

    The three moved hip hop and rap music away from the funk and disco sound of the 1970’s.

Run dmc

  • Famous songs: My adidias, Walk this Way, You be illin

  • In 2002 the group stopped touring when group member Jam Master Jay was tragically killed their recording studio in Queens.

Gangsta rap
Gangsta rap

  • Began in the West

  • Militant, more aggressive rap

  • Glorified the life Grandmaster Flash

  • spoke of

  • Police and gang violence

  • Samples from the street

  • Cursing and explicit imagery

  • NWA, Ice-T, Public Enemy

Nwa niggaz with attitudes
NWA “Niggaz With Attitudes”

-Came out of Compton California during the rise of popularity in Hip Hop.


-controversial due to the harsh explicit lyrics

Daily warm up

  • Easy E

  • Dr. Dre

  • Ice Cube

  • Mc Ren

  • DJ Yella

  • The DOC

  • Arabian Prince

Nwa history
NWA history

  • All members made their name from the success of the group.

  • Group was not played on radio because of the lyrics

Rap project
Rap Project

Your assignment is to overcome the stifling of creativity that many of today’s artists suffer from. You will be given a rap song with multiple expletives. Your job is to rewrite the lyrics with no curse words at all. BE CREATIVE! Take it in a totally new direction. GOOD LUCK!