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Workbook and Worksheet Enhancements PowerPoint Presentation
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Workbook and Worksheet Enhancements

Workbook and Worksheet Enhancements

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Workbook and Worksheet Enhancements

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  1. Workbook and Worksheet Enhancements Excel Lesson 3

  2. Managing Worksheets Rename Worksheets Change Worksheet Tab Color Move, Delete, Copy, and Add Worksheets

  3. Rename Worksheets Right-click a sheet tab to show a shortcut menu Select Rename, and the sheet tab name is highlighted. Type the new sheet tab name and press Enter.

  4. Change Worksheet Tab Color Right-click the Sheet 1 Tab Select Tab Color You select Theme Colors, Standard Colors, No Color, or More Colors

  5. Move, Delete, Copy, Add Worksheets Move: Click and drag the worksheet tab Delete: Right-click on the sheet tab and select Delete from the shortcut menu Copy: press and hold Ctrl as you drag the worksheet tab Add: Right-click any sheet tab, and select Worksheet from the Insert dialog box, and click OK

  6. Formatting Worksheets Merge and Center Labels Adjust Cell Height and Width Apply Borders and Shading Insert Clip Art Format Cells Use Fonts Alignment of Cell Contents

  7. Merge and Center Labels Enter title in cell A1 Select cells A1:L1 Click Merge & Center in the Alignment group on the Home tab.

  8. Adjust Cell Height and Width To widen a column, drag the border between column headings to change the column width AutoFit: Home tab, Cells Group, Format

  9. Apply Borders and Shading Home tab, Font group, Borders Home tab, Font group, Fill color

  10. Insert Clip Art • Insert tab • Illustrations group • Clip Art

  11. Format Cells Click the Dialog Box Launcher in the Font, Alignment, or Number Group

  12. Formatting Definitions

  13. Formatting Definitions

  14. Use Fonts You can use the same fonts in Excel as you can in any other Windows application. Any entry in a worksheet may be displayed in any font, style, or point size.

  15. Alignment of Cell Contents Change the orientation of cell contents when labels are too long Wrapping text in a cell Centering, right aligning, or left aligning a text