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2014 UN Public Service Awards PowerPoint Presentation
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2014 UN Public Service Awards

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2014 UN Public Service Awards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014 UN Public Service Awards. GUIDELINES. TARGET GROUPS. 1) What was the situation before the initiative? (The problem). Begin with a brief (no more than two or three sentences) introduction of the department or facility. Use statistics or figures to give a greater impact.

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1 what was the situation before the initiative the problem
1) What was the situation before the initiative? (The problem)
  • Begin with a brief (no more than two or three sentences) introduction of the department or facility. Use statistics or figures to give a greater impact.
  • Begin with the external issues that you faced. Then lead into the internal issues which occurred because of this. Again, use statistics or numbers to give more detail and make the information easier to understand.
  • Which social groups were affected by the problems?

4d) What resources were used for the initiative and what were its key benefits? What were the financial, technical and human resources costs associated with this initiative? Describe how resources were mobilized.

5 is the initiative sustainable and transferable
5) Is the initiative sustainable and transferable?
  • This is maybe the most difficult question to answer, as the impact of most of the initiatives will only be felt in the long-term.
  • How is the initiative being sustained (financial, social, cultural, environmental, institutional and regulatory sustainability)?
  • Is the initiative being used as a model for other provinces or government departments? If so, give more information as to how this will benefit the public/country in the long-term.
  • Could the initiative be rolled out internationally to other countries in the region?
  • How can the initiative be copied or adapted by others?
6 what is the impact of your initiative and the lessons learned
6) What is the impact of your initiative and the lessons learned?
  • What were the key elements that made the initiative a success?
  • What would you do differently with the benefit of hindsight?
  • This question will serve as a conclusion to the report. Try to conclude the report in a narrative form with a finality to the last paragraph.
general points
General Points
  • Begin in note form, then try to link points to create a narrative flow.
  • Use statistical data, but not too much.
  • Avoid using bullet points.
  • Write from the perspective of the public, not the government.
  • Keep the language simple.
  • Use charts or diagrams to display data.

Indicate that the initiative affects as many people as possible.

  • 500 words is a maximum, not a target.
  • Do not repeat the same information or points in multiple answers.
  • Indicate that the initiative will have a long-lasting impact, that will benefit large sections of society.
  • Use as much statistical data or figures as possible.
  • Try to avoid opinion and instead use factual data.
2014 unpsa timeline
2014 UNPSA Timeline

April 2014


December 2013


February/March 2014


As soon as you are aware of passing through to the second round, please notify OPDC immediately.

Prepare two recommendation letters, your video presentationand other supporting documents.

  • Committee of Experts Approval
  • Send the final draft to OPDC no later than 2nd December 2013.
  • Submit the application at the UNPSA website before 23rd December 2013.
questions and queries
Questions and queries

email: lewis@opdc.go.th