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Reflection #. Sticky notes at door. “Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.” How will you self educate? (3-5 sentences) Bell Quiz Day 3 Risk and Responsibilities of Credit. Class Assignment 2: Managing a Checking Account.

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Reflection #

Sticky notes at door

“Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.” How will you self educate?

(3-5 sentences)

Bell Quiz

Day 3 Risk and Responsibilities of Credit

Class assignment 2 managing a checking account
Class Assignment 2:Managing a Checking Account

Using your checks and deposit slips on (page), make the following banking transactions and record them on the check register (page ) in order. Today fill out:

  • February 15- write check #106 to Funday Toys for your cousin’s birthday present for $26.87.

  • February 17- Write check #107 to Paulding Country Water and Sewer for $15.88, account number #369421

  • February 18- write check #108 to Bigfoot Shoe Store for new shoes in the amount of $68.33.

Spend or save

Spend or Save?

Read the story about Penny and answer the questions in your study guide page 6.

Lets make a deal
Lets make a deal!

Penny had to make a choice about whether to spend or save.

You must decide which of the three items you would prefer to have and why. (write it down on the sticky note) In your explanation compare how much you like to spend now for something available and know with spending for something that is unplanned or unexpected.

Why is it so hard to make saving and spending decisions with money and to decide, like Penny, whether to spend or save?

What age should we save at
What age should we save at?

  • Around the room there are age groups on butcher paper. In your table groups you will go around the room and brain storm activities and events that would require savings for that age group. Every 2 minutes we will rotate papers.

Savings license plate
Savings License Plate

Create a license plate, billboard, or print ad encouraging your peers to save. Be creative!


Bank roll tom jackson matt page 109
Bank RollTom Jackson MATT page 109

Make a list of the clothes, personal care products and jewelry you are wearing. If you have braces on your teeth, include those as well. Include items from your bedroom; toys, cd’s, cd players, Ipods, video games, ect.

Place a dollar amount next to each item (how much it cost to purchase). Estimates are Ok.

Total up the cost on your list.

The yearly income of many families in africa
The yearly income of many families in Africa…

$100- $300

With this amount of money they must buy food, shelter and other necessities for their entire family!

How would you survive if that was all

the money your family had to spend in a


What would be the first things you

would be willing to give up to reduce

your figure?