los adjetivos n.
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Los Adjetivos

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Los Adjetivos. Spanish 4 Teachers.og. Hoy veremos…. How adjectives work in Spanish Practice the use of adjectives. Spanish 4 Teachers.og. Los Adjetivos. Adjectives are the words we use to describe.

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Los Adjetivos

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los adjetivos

Los Adjetivos


hoy veremos
Hoy veremos…
  • How adjectives work in Spanish
  • Practice the use of adjectives


los adjetivos1
Los Adjetivos
  • Adjectives are the words we use to describe.
  • They can inform about any characteristic of the noun they go with, such as: shape, color, size…


los adjetivos2
Los Adjetivos
  • A Spanish adjective will change its ending to match the gender and number of the noun it describes.
  • If the noun is female, then the adjective will be female
  • If the noun is male then the adjective will be male.
  • If the noun is singular, then the adjective will be singular
  • If the noun is plural then the adjective will be plural.


male female
Male & Female
  • All Spanish nouns (things) are either male or female.



La nariz

El pelo

La cara

El bigote

Las orejas

Los ojos

La or Las Female

El or Los Male


por ejemplo
Por ejemplo


what order are they in
What order are they in?
  • It’s noun first and then adjective!
  • Write these:
    • The black cat
    • The orange cat
    • The red cow
    • The brown rabbit
    • The tall chicken
what about numbers
What about numbers?
  • If you have a number as the adjective, the number takes the place of the article!
    • La vaca  Dos vacas
    • El oso  Diez osos
what about colors and numbers
What about colors and numbers?
  • If you have both, they follow the previous rules!
  • Numbers + noun + adjective
    • 4 red dogs  cuatro perros rojos