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WEL-COME. Presentation By Dr. P.V. Rasal (M.A., Ph.D., LL.B., Dip. In Ind. Psy ., Dip. In Professional skills in Psychology) Principal and Head, Dept. of Psychology M.V.P. Samaj’s K.G.D.M. Arts Commerce and Science College, Niphad , Dist: Nasik 422303, Maharashtra.

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mental health

Presentation By

Dr. P.V. Rasal

(M.A., Ph.D., LL.B., Dip. In Ind. Psy., Dip. In Professional skills in Psychology)

Principal and Head, Dept. of Psychology

M.V.P. Samaj’s

K.G.D.M. Arts Commerce and Science

College, Niphad, Dist: Nasik 422303,


prominent scientists

DorothiDikx(1841-1881) She was an American women working for mentally ill persons. According to her observations more than 50% patient are the victim of mental illness. She established 32 mental Hospital in America and gave treatment to the mentally ill patient (escape them from inhuman behavior)

Prominent Scientists

Philip Pinel(1890-1892) he gives scientific treatment for mentally ill person in France. He thinks about the concept of mind of patient. He was known as the father of “Modern Mental Health”

  • Benjamin Rash (1910-1920) Study of Psychological Patient through Clinical Psychological Method. He emphasis on diagnosis.

WillamTuook(1950-1960) England used Psychological Clinical Method in family environment

  • Klifordwyiyersexplained the concept of mental Health in his book entitled “A Mind that Found itself”
  • Adlof Mayer Willam James and others established the organization of mental Health Named “National Committee for Mental Health” 
mental health1

What is Mental Health?

  • Concept of mental health is concern with satisfaction, productivity, positive attitude, emotional stability and adjustment. Happiness pleasure and satisfaction are the factors of good mental health.
  • Definition:-Ginsburg-It is the relationship to environmental mastery as manifested in three areas of living, namely, love, work and play.

“Mental health is a state of emotional well being in which a person is able to function comfortably within his society and in which his personal achievements and characteristics are satisfactory to him”

  • Karl Minnesingerincludes the element of happiness in mental health according to him, “ any sense of unhappiness means disturbed mental health”.
  • Alfred Freedman :- Mental health is a state of emotional wellbeing in which a person is able to function comfortably within his society and in which his personal achievements and characteristics are satisfactory to him.

Head, Nose, Eyes and Neck movement

  • Nails cutting style
  • Walking Disorders
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Speaking habits - Irrelevant speaking,
  • constant speaking
  • unnecessary movement of hands and legs,
  • Body movement, repetitions of particular

word etc..

  • Unnecessary smiling

Normal and Abnormal Behavior

abraham maslow has given the following features of good mental health

Accurate perception of reality

  • Acceptance of self, others and human nature
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Sense of appreciation
  • Sense of humor
  • Sense of identification with human kind.
  • Sense of creativeness and goal achievement.
  • Importance is given to the problem and not to the person
Abraham Maslow has given the following features of good mental health

features of good mental health

community mental health

“Sound mind in a sound body”

indicates the relationship between physical health and mental health.

  • It emphasis the need of society.
  • So we can modify the above proverb as, “sound mind in a sound body in sound society”
Community mental health-
  • Our good or bad mental health is not the
  • consequences only of what is happening in
  • the body but what takes place in society also.

Today’s society is competitive, stress-ridden and technology oriented and it leads to what is known as, “Social Pathology” which is found in most of cities and very less in rural area.

  • Thus community mental health is concerned with what is happening in the community and there by affecting the people living in the given community.
indicators of poor community mental health

15 to 20% of the population suffer from stress related minor mental disorders

  • 20 to 25% of children are developing psychological and behavioral abnormalities
  • One percent of the population suffers from severe mental disorders
  • 10% of the population suffer from minor mental disorders.
  • No mental health care facility are available in rural areas where 75%of the population lives.
Indicators of poor community mental health.
  • Dr. C.R. Chandrashekar, prof. of Psychiatry, National

institute of mental health and neuroscience, Banglore has

given following indicator.


40% of the population is poor, living below the poverty line and have poor physical health care facilities.

  • Mean incidence of suicide in the country is 11 per lack per year. In some areas it is 37 per lack 37 % suicidal deaths occurs in the age range of 15 to29 years.
  • Violence of women and children including sexual abuse and exploitation is high.
  • Crime rate is increasing. Consumption of alcohol is increasing.
  • There are only three mental health professionals per one million
  • No mental health care facility are available in rural areas where 75%of the population lives.
determinants promoting mental health in the community

Determinants mentioned below will help us to promote mental health in the community.

Training parents and families for good

child raring practices.

2. Components of mental health should be included in the curricula of school and college.

3. Professional like doctors, lawyers, teachers, policeman, judicial officers, etc.

Determinants promoting mental health in the community.

4.Providing counseling services to the needy in every schools, colleges, educational institutions, hospitals, courts, correctional homes, orphan homes, disable and aged people etc.

5.Public education programmers using all the mass media regarding-

a. Growth of development of healthy personality.

b. Life skills.

c. Stress Management.

d. Emotional intelligence.

e. Positive mental health.

f. Yoga and meditation.

g. awareness about mental illness.

steps of improving mental health

M. Minimize the needs and take care of them

E. Expectation to be reduced.

N. Negative thinking to changed to positive thinking

T. Today is important, not yesterday or tomorrow.

A. Accept reality and adapt to it.

L. Loneliness be avoid, be with the people.

H. Healthy hobbies and habits.

E. Express and share your emotions with someone you like.

A. Activeness.

L. Lightevents are faced.

T. Targetsshould be attainable and try to reach them.

H. Healthy life style is regular in eating sleeping, work and

relaxation activities.

Steps of improving mental health.
psychology and mental health

Use of positive psychology

Psychology and mental health

Sound mental health is a part of“Good Life.”

Seligman, Martin E.P. has postulated the concept of ‘positive Psychology’. The main purpose of positive psychology is to guide the formulation and building of the “Good life does not mean luxurious life.” He has postulated the following components of “Good Life.” as follows-


1.Sanity- What are individual’s strengths? Can he increase them?

2. Parental- Individuals should be responsible parents and should developed good qualities in children.

3. Self-Actualization- Every individual should be set the goal in life and try to achieve it.

4. Best exemplars- Try to be exemplars for others especially younger generation.

5. Be spiritual and religious.

mental health consultation in community

We need mental health consultation in the community.

  • Mental health consultation in the community should be combined with community education.
  • The consultant is people with specialized knowledge,
  • His consult requests help in classifying a problem, increase his skill in handing a disturbance or crises, or raising the mental health level of a person or group for whom he is responsible.
  • The client can be individual person, or group an agency or institution.
Mental health consultation in community:-

A consultant acts as a psychological change agent.

  • He deals directly with the consultant but in directly with the problem, nevertheless, his focus is on the problem, not on the interpersonal process.
  • Thus mental Health consultations usually defined as the interactions between a consultant an a counsel on behalf of a client.

Mental health consultation beings with a meeting between consultant and counsel over a specific problem with the expectation that the problem can be alleviated or resolved within a short time.

  • Through study, education or specific action, the knowledge of both is used to arrive at a reasonable solution.