transport of materials l.
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Transport of Materials

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Transport of Materials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transport of Materials. World of Plants Standard Grade Biology. Need for transport systems. Plants need sugars and water to stay alive. Water needs to travel from the roots to the leaves. Sugars need to travel from the leaves to the rest of the plant. Xylem. Hollow dead tubes

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transport of materials

Transport of Materials

World of Plants

Standard Grade Biology

need for transport systems
Need for transport systems
  • Plants need sugars and water to stay alive

Water needs to travel from the roots to the leaves

Sugars need to travel from the leaves to the rest of the plant

  • Hollow dead tubes
  • Water and minerals transported in an upwards direction
  • Made of lignin
  • Very strong so help support the plant
  • Transports sugar around plant
  • Made of living cells
  • Companion cells provide the energy for the tube cells.
  • The end walls of the tube cells have pores through which food is transported from cell to cell in the form of dissolved sugars
  • Tiny pores found on the surfaces of a leaf
  • Stomata take in carbon dioxide from the air through stomata
  • Water vapour passes out from the leaf to the atmosphere through stomata

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