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Kickoff. Week 1. Session Agenda. 5:30 – Introductions/Icebreaker/Get Snack 6:00 – Introduction to Technovation 6:15 – Mobile Technology & Entrepreneurship 6:45 – Intro to Project Management 7:00 – Activity: HelloPurr 7 :25 – Technovation Resources. Objectives.

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Week 1

session agenda
Session Agenda
  • 5:30 – Introductions/Icebreaker/Get Snack
  • 6:00 – Introduction to Technovation
  • 6:15 – Mobile Technology & Entrepreneurship
  • 6:45 – Intro to Project Management
  • 7:00 – Activity: HelloPurr
  • 7:25 – Technovation Resources
  • Introductions - Bingo
  • Technovation Program Overview
  • Mobile Technology Landscape
  • Introduce Project Management
  • Programming Activity
  • Technovation Resources
meet your mentor
Meet your Mentor


  • What’s your name?
  • What school do you go to (or company do you work for)
  • Why are you excited about the Technovation Challenge?
  • How are we going to do that?

By teaching you a combination of entrepreneurship, design thinking and programming.

  • What is an App?

Short for application. It is another word for program. A mobile app is a program that you use on a phone.

class rules
Class Rules
  • Respect yourself, each other, & materials
  • No texting, no phone calls
  • No surfing the web
  • During instruction, ALL laptops closed
  • Pay attention and don’t be disruptive
  • Attendance policy – 1 absence allowed
the challenge
The Challenge

To develop a science education app

technovation challenge
Technovation Challenge

Bay Area Regional Pitch Event – April 28

National Pitch Night – May 3

judging criteria
Judging Criteria

To win a competition you must know what you are being judged on!

Find a copy of the judging criteria in your Technovation Workspace on Google Docs

mobile tech entrepreneurship
Mobile Tech & Entrepreneurship
  • Speaker – Name, Title
  • BIO
mobile tech entrepreneurship1
Mobile Tech & Entrepreneurship
  • Speaker’s slides go here
introduction to project management
Introduction to Project Management
  • Plan what needs to be done and how long you will work on it
  • Communicate with the team and keep everyone updated on progress
  • Track all the information and feedback of the project and record the history
project management tools
Project Management Tools

Scrum – a tool to keep track of what you are:

  • planning to do
  • are doing
  • have done

Stand Up – a method of communication so team stays on the same page throughout the program

more project management tools
More Project Management Tools

Find more helpful project management tools in your team’s Technovation Workspace on Google Docs

event driven programming
Event-driven Programming
  • An event is an action that occurs outside the program, that the program needs to handle
  • Examples:
    • key presses
    • mouse clicks
  • Event handlers
activity be a p hone a pp
Activity:Be a Phone App
  • 1 Volunteer to be the interface(a button)
  • 1 Volunteer to be an event handlerstand behind your interface element
  • 1 Volunteer to be the user
  • Teacher will be the phone
set up wireless
Set-up Wireless
  • Click on Settings App
  • Select Wireless & networks
  • Select Wi-Fi settings
  • Select Wi-Fi. A green check will appear by it.
  • Select Wi-Fi settings. Choose the network and password (if there is one) written on the board.
phone settings for development
Phone Settings for Development

Click on the Settings App

Select Applications.  This will open a new page.

Select "Unknown sources". A green check will appear by it.

Select Development. This will open a new page.

Select "USB debugging". A green check will appear.

Select "Stay awake". A green check will appear.

Hit back button until back at Settings screen.

pair programming
Pair Programming
  • Driver – hands on keyboard & mouse
  • Navigator – tells driver what to do
  • Switch every 5-10 minutes
  • Two brains are better than one
technovation syllabus

weekly reflections
Weekly Reflections
  • What did your team like about this week?
  • What challenges did your team have this week?
  • Anything else your team would like to share?
share with us on twitter facebook
Share with us onTwitter & Facebook

Tweet us: @_technovation_


Like us on Facebook: Technovation Challenge

ongoing offsite activities
Ongoing Offsite Activities
  • Learn App Inventor
  • Think about Science Education Apps