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Chapter 8 Quotations. quote v. Quotation n. Quote vt. Would you please quote us your lowest price CIF London for 5,000 pieces of Men ’ s Shirts? This is the price we can quote you. Their prices are always quoted in U.S. dollars

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Chapter 8 quotations
Chapter 8 Quotations

  • quote v. Quotation n.

  • Quote vt. Would you please quote us your lowest price CIF London for 5,000 pieces of Men’s Shirts?

  • This is the price we can quote you.

  • Their prices are always quoted in U.S. dollars

  • When we know your specific requirements,we shall quote you as soon as possible.

  • All prices for the sale of the products shall be quoted in the currency of (country) FOB(port).

Quote vi
Quote vi.

  • We quote for Black Tea at US$40 per kg.n

  • For this commodity,we usually quote on CIF basis

  • Quote n. Their quote is the lowest of three.

  • We will send you quotes and samples.

  • Quotation n.

  • We trust that you have received our Quotation No.123 on/for Sewing Machines.

  • Send sb. a quotation for sth

Offer vt
Offer vt.

  • We offer you 1,000 dozen Men’s Shirts at US$ 55 per dozen,net, CIF Rotterdam, shipment June, terms of payment by an irrevocable L/C.

  • We offer you firm for 1,000 metric tons of fertilizer.

  • We offer you firm for 2,000 color TV sets at US$ 210 per set on the usual terms.

  • Offer vi. We offer firm for 5 days .

  • We offer as follows.

Offer n
Offer n.

  • We are making you a firm offer on CIF 2% New York basis subject to your reply reaching us before 25 July.

  • This offer is firm/valid/good/open for three days.

  • Accept/cancel/withdraw/decline/entertain/extend / an offer

Common business abbreviations
Common Business Abbreviations

  • & Co.---and company

  • @---at (a price of)

  • A/c--- account

  • ASAP—as soon as possible

  • C.C----carbon copy

  • C/O--- care of

  • CEO –chief executive officer

  • Corp.---corporation

  • Dept---department

E g for example
e.g.—for example

  • EA.--- each

  • Inc.---incorporated

  • Ltd.—limited

  • N/A—not applicable

  • PC---personal computer

  • POB—post office box

  • P.S.—postscript

  • Rd—road

  • St—street/saint

Tm trade mark
TM—trade mark

  • Ref.—reference (number)

  • Sq.—square

  • Less prep.---minus

  • Purchase price less 5% discount.

  • About $5,000, less taxes.

Goods commodity article item line
Goods, commodity, article,item,line,

  • merchandise

  • Twenty pieces of the goods were stolen at the port of discharge.

  • Your ordered goods will be shipped on SS.Peace sailing next week.

  • Consumer goods/subject(or:captioned)goods

  • Canned goods/cotton piece goods/electric goods/ leather goods/printed goods/


  • Labor is bought and sold like any other commodity.

  • There are a great variety of commodities in the market now.

  • Wine is one of many commodities that France sells abroad.

  • The Chinese Export Commodities Fair

Article no e 331
Article (No.)E-331

  • Art. E-331/Item No. 5

  • This is a new line of /in ready made suits.

  • We now supply a full line of electrical and electronic products.

  • Please let us know in which lines/commodities/articles/items you are interested at present

  • The merchandise is being strictly examined.

Offer quote
Offer; quote

  • Firm offer/non-firm offer

  • We offer firm (for) 3 days.

  • This offer is subject to our final confirmation.

  • Offer sb. a price

  • We are offering you 12,600 yards of Art. No. 81000 Printed Shirting at US$… per yard CIFC 2% Vancouver for shipment in June/July.

  • At present,we cannot offer you more than 3,000 dozen.

Quote sb a price for sth
Quote sb. a price for sth.

  • We quote you our price for the following items.

  • The prices quoted in our letter of Feb.17 are competitive.

  • 1.Offer=bid offer (sb.) a price for sth.

  • We offer (you) DM 1,000 per MT for this chemical

  • 2. Offer (sb) sth for a price

We offer you this chemical for dm 1 000 per metric ton
We offer(you) this chemical for DM 1,000 per metric ton.

  • 3. To offer advice/help/discount/apology.

  • 4.offer, vi. When opportunity offers,…

  • Quote, the number and the date of the Credit and the name of our bank must be quoted on all drafts required.

  • Offer, n. Make/give/submit/ sb. An offer for/on sth.

  • We now make you a firm offer for/on 20 MTs of Brown Cashmere.

We regret to say that your offer of peanuts is
We regret to say that your offer of peanuts is

  • on the high side. 2. Offer=bid

  • We have several good offer for our new products.

  • 3. Accept sb.’s offer of help

  • Quotation

  • Make/give/submit sb. A quotation for sth

  • Please send us your lowest quotation for Art.No .44.

  • Quotation sheet