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So…This is me!

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So…This is me!. Hi ! My name ’s Gaia, I’m 15 years old and I live in Partinico.

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so this is me

So…This is me!

Hi! My name’s Gaia, I’m 15 years old and I live in Partinico.

I love listening to music, mostly pop and rap, and I read lots of books, as the Harry Potter saga, Ken Follet‘ s thrillers or Nicholas Sparks’ love stories. The last book I’ve read is “ Mille splendidi soli” written by KhaledHossein. Once or twice I tried to write a book, but every time I gave up because they were too much trivial.
I hate going shopping and singing in front of other people: I love singing while I have a shower instead. In my free-time I try to study Japanese, though it’s not easy, and I help my mother to do housework, like ironing or, hardly ever, cooking, usually when my parents go out with their friends for a pizza, leaving me and my sister alone at home: even though she’s older than me, I’m better at cooking, so I take care of preparing dinner.
I go to hip hop dance lessons twice a week: I like to go there because I forget all my problems and worries.
I’ve got a best friend: her name’s Alessia. We’re schoolmates and, though we live in different towns, we have a great time together.
I’d like to travel around the world to visit countries with different cultures, but I’ve never taken an aeroplane or a train to go abroad. It’s my biggest dream to visit the most important cities of the world: London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sidney, Oslo, Dublin, Berlin, Beijing, Wien and many others.
I go to a high school where I study three languages: English, French and German. I’m really into them so I hope I can continue this way forever.
As soon as I finish the high school, I’d like to go abroad to attend university, but I already know that my parents won’t allow me to go there, ‘cause they want me to stay here. I hope I can convince them that for me it’s important, so that they can make my dreams come true.