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Guide for Presenters :

Guide for Presenters :

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Guide for Presenters :

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  1. Guide for Presenters: • Familiarise yourself with a full trial viewing. The presentation takes approximately 45 minutes (includes moments of silent prayer). Presenter’s notes are at the foot of some slides (in edit mode). The group might like to absorb the photos before rushing into the script. Reduce song volume during the 3 ‘Staying with DB’ slides. • You will require: Relic Statue, projector, screen, amplified sound system to laptop, nice candle, matches, readers (microphone?) • Make slide changes to suit your particular group: select what is relevant, add some local photos, or prayers for local needs, ... • Rehearse the various readers beforehand. Print off their parts?? You will require many readers and someone to light the candle. • Contact Fr Paul Miles for support 0401 385 589

  2. Guide for Presenters (continued): • Invite the gathering sing and to join in where it says ‘All’ Consider clapping in the final song. • Added to this presentation could be: DVD segment from a Don Bosco movie, a 3 minute ‘Goodnight’, writing and placing prayers at the foot of the Relic Statue, interactive sharings, etc. I will attach a Pictorial life of DB to the CD in a different folder. • What this presentation is about? ... Songs, praise, thanksgiving, prayer & reflection – in the presence of Don Bosco Among Us in our Australian communities. • An alternative to the Video ‘Celebrate’ song, are 5 slides with lyrics only – found in the Appendix. Maintain all 5 slides in • sequence or the song will stop. Do not go back a slide • during any song or it will stop.

  3. Visit of the Relic Statue of St John Bosco to Australia

  4. Commentator: Welcome to our celebration. The visit of the Statue-Relic of St John Bosco is very special to all of us who have heard about, and prayed to, this great saint. He is the patron and guide of youth. He is a father and teacher for us all. During his lifetime, Don Bosco sent out missionaries to bring Christ’s message of hope to the young and the poor in far away places. ...

  5. ... And yet, Don Bosco himself did not travel too far out of his native Italy. Now, in death, he is present in a special way to people all over the globe, including our gathering here. Salesian gatherings are occasions of Christian joy, so in that spirit, please join in the following prayers and reflections beginning with this song composed for the relic visit. ...

  6. Celebrate the family that has grown. Like a tree from seed, his hand has sown. Celebrate his heart! It’s the finest part Of the rest of us, it’s the best of us. We don’t want to walk! We want to fly! Reaching with Don Bosco for the sky. We will take the torch, we will pass it on. We will let the dream live on and on. It’s a gift that God has given us and given to the world. With a burden, though, for all who have received. We will do just as he would do. If we believe, as he believed. Celebrate the man whose one desire, was to love the young and light a fire. Celebrate the flame, let it burn the same In our hearts today, each and every day. Celebrate the young, he taught to fly. Children of the earth, they touch the sky. Celebrate the God that they learned to love, As they talked with him, as they walked with him. Celebrate the man who gave them wings, and the joy that faithful living brings. Celebrate the dream that they dared to dream, Dreams they heard from him, in a word with him. We don’t want to walk! We want to fly! Reaching with Don Bosco for the sky. We will take the torch, we will pass it on. We will let the dream live on and on. Celebrate his work across the earth. Teaching every girl and boy their worth. Celebrate his stand and his firm demand To respect the young, to protect the young. We don’t want to walk! We want to fly! Reaching with Don Bosco for the sky. We will take the torch, we will pass it on. We will let the dream live on and on. We don’t want to walk! We want to fly! Reaching with Don Bosco for the sky. We will take the torch, we will pass it on. We will let the dream live on and on. Fr Stephen Schencksdb

  7. Act of Illumination: [Candle is lit] Don Bosco remains for us a beacon - May his brightness enlighten us to ‘Come and see’ Jesus more personally. - May we see in the glow and warmth of St John Bosco, a true heart of committed love.

  8. Invitation to Pray Don Bosco brings us together today as one family. As Salesianfamily, we celebrate in joy and prayer, around Don Bosco. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  9. Opening Prayer All: Lord, your servant, St John Bosco would not rest until he found secure places for his needy boys to stay, to eat, to have the opportunity for education, and to grow in knowledge and friendship, with God and one another. May Don Bosco’s strong faith and his desire to help the young and the poor, inspire us to lofty goals. Amen..

  10. Don Bosco’s Fourth Mission Dream Context: In 1876 Don Bosco addressed a large mixed group at the Oratory where he pointed out that he had received “an extraordinary number of requests for new schools, houses and missions ... from China, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Paraguay”. In 1884 in the Yearly Letter he wrote to his Salesians, Don Bosco spoke of having received 200 separate requests for new foundations ... from India, China, Japan, and from the most distant islands of Oceania. The Fourth Dream is a fantastic globe-trotting journey with ‘angel’ scenes symbolising Africa, Asia, Australia-Oceania. The three angels of Africa, Asia, Australia

  11. The dream scene referring to Australia-Oceania “Finally Don Bosco seemed to find himself in Australia. An Angel was present there too but he had no name. He was walking with the people, urging them and guiding them in a southerly direction. Australia did not appear as a continent but as an archipelago of many islands inhabited by people of different characteristics and features. A great number of children lived in those islands. They were trying to cross over to Don Bosco and to the Salesians with him, but were prevented by the great distances and the stretches of water that lay between us ...

  12. ... Yet they were holding their hands out towards us and crying:’ Come and help us! Why do you not finish the work which your fathers began?’ Many of the youngsters after walking some distance gave up. But some of them making their way with great effort through the midst of ferocious wild beasts, joined the Salesians (Don Bosco did not recognize any of those sons of his). Then the youngsters began to sing: ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord’.

  13. Dream text continued ... ... A large cluster of islands could be seen at various distances, but Don Bosco could not pick out any details. He felt, however, that globally speaking this indicated God’s intention of entrusting a portion of that evangelical [mission] field to the Salesians, though in future times. Their labours will bear fruit because the Lord will stand by them always - provided they will not prove unworthy”. #

  14. BeingaSalesian communityis special. We live and relate in joy, in prayer, in active love and respect for one another, with a special focus for young people, especially looking out to support those who are needy – whether they be in our school or in another country. The following Scripture service develops some of these themes.

  15. Scripture Reading from the Mass of St John Bosco [Philippians 4:4-9] St Paul exhorts the Christian community: Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ...

  16. [Philippians continued...] Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. This is the Word of the Lord All: Thanks be to God.

  17. Psalm 119:9-16 Left: How can a young person stay on the path of purity?     By living according to your word. Right: I seek you with all my heart;     do not let me stray from your commands. Left: I have hidden your word in my heart     that I might not sin against you. Right: Praise be to you, Lord;     teach me your decrees. ...

  18. Psalm 119cont. Left: With my lips I recount     all the laws that come from your mouth. Right: I rejoice in following your edicts     as one rejoices in great riches. Left: I meditate on your commandments     and consider your ways. Right: I delight in your decrees;     I will not neglect your word. #

  19. Hold slide for first verse of song. Sr Rochelle Lamb fma, Fr Guy Riolosdb, Claudine Rule(age 9)

  20. Staying with Don Bosco Father Bosco, the young priest, needed many, many reliable and long-term helpers to stay with him, to help him fulfil that magnetic Dream of caring for the young and the poor. Can you dare to dream Don Bosco’s Dream? ... as a Salesian priest, brother or sister?

  21. A reading from the Gospel of John [1:36-39 ] On the following day as John the Baptist stood there again with two of his disciples, Jesus passed, and John stared at him and said, ‘Look, there is the lamb of God’. Hearing this, the two disciples followed Jesus. Jesus turned round, saw them following him and said, ‘What are you looking for?’ They answered, ‘Rabbi,’ – which means Teacher – ‘Where do you live?’ ‘Come and see’ he replied; so they went and saw where he lived, and stayed with him the rest of that day. # Staying with Jesus

  22. From the Rector Major for 2011 Staying with Jesus • ... And he invites them to share the experience of being with him: “Come and see”. They will have experienced something immensely beautiful from the moment they and they remained with him”  • We are called to make Don Bosco’s early ministry experience our own; to create a family environment of great spiritual worth, one of apostolic involvement and spiritual accompaniment which is sustained by intense love for the Church and the world ... where we can show the beauty, the appropriateness of our Salesian vocation for today and its variety: a life completely given to God in the service of the young is well worth living. #

  23. From the age of nine, young John was given a guide who would be with him as his vocation and ministry grew. What ‘guides’ could you find useful in your ongoing spiritual growth? Try out a Christian youth group? A confessor? Regular spiritual reading? Train as a catechist? Attend a Lenten programme? Join a Salesian Co-operator group? Attend Mass frequently? [Take time to think...]

  24. Don Boscowants to strengthen us in our resolve to overcome sinfulness and temptation. In prayerful silence, share with our healer of souls, habits that are preventing you from being an authentic follower of Jesus. Listen in the Spirit, if this insightful confessor has some advice for you. [Quiet time...]

  25. Don Bosco’s dream of the two pillars reminds us of the importance of placing the Eucharist and Mary as key pillars of spiritual strength in our lives. We, the church, represented by the ship, will always find safe anchorage between these supports, these two precious gifts from God. Pray with gratitude, for what you appreciate about your church community gathered here today. [Quiet moment...]

  26. As a young person, I appreciate reliable friends who will support me through adolescence and just ‘be there’ for me. I thank God now for my parents, teachers, coaches, and good friends. Reflect on one important need you expect from these friends. [Evaluation time...]

  27. To be in the presence of God was Don Bosco’s strength. In stillness, allow yourself to experience God’s presence. [Contemplation time...]

  28. The Statue-Relic contains Don Bosco’s arm, the arm that blesses and the hand - his presence - that rests in affection, on each of our heads. Consider in silent contemplation the blessings that Don Bosco has brought to you personally: [Prayerful reflection...]

  29. What blessings will Don Bosco bring with him as he visits our community this week? [Wonder & hope...]

  30. Young or not-so-young, we are all called to be saints. Life in God’s presence, now and forever, brings joy, peace, wisdom and understanding. We probably all know ‘living saints’, people who genuinely love and care in all they do. People who take those extra steps of commitment and generosity. It may be hard to give our lives as totally as St John Bosco, but we must all desire to be saints (even with a small ‘s’).

  31. The Dream of Don Bosco Young John Bosco, at the age of nine, had a dream which was to guide his future. God calls us all to serve him. God is calling each of you to stay with Don Bosco and stay with Jesus in some way. Consider the direction of your Christian vocation as you watch this video of John’s dream.

  32. What is God’s dream for you? What is your dream?

  33. Song follows silent introduction. Sr Rochelle , Fr Guy, visuals by Claudine Rule (age 9)

  34. As a young boy, Johnny Bosco instinctively became a leader among his peers. He entertained children, he was a gifted story-teller and he also taught them what he learnt from the priests’ homilies, he tutored them in schoolwork, he formed a group of boys who would cheerfully encourage each other in virtue. He showed them strength in games and also strength in character. He would put on shows of his skills as a juggler, magician and acrobat - with prayers before and after the performance.

  35. Intercessions For the Salesian Family: All - May the spirit of Don Bosco among us be rekindled into a fire that burns for love of God and love for the young.

  36. For the staff and students in our schools: All - May staff guide the young in the ways of the Good Shepherd. May the pupils, especially those in new leadership roles, look to Jesus as their true Teacher.

  37. For all of us who are Baptised: All - May we courageously deepen our commitment to Christ - to flee from sin and treasure the faith of the Church.

  38. For the young: All - May the youth of Australia be ready to accept Christ's call to follow Him in courageous and generous ways, active in His Church community.

  39. For the lay leaders of our parishes: All - May they lead God’s people with courage and fearlessness, open to ‘the signs of the times’ and trusting in the Holy Spirit of Pentecost.

  40. For married couples present today: All - As the ‘living bricks’ of the Church, may their families be ‘small Christian communities’ celebrating as vital parts of the living body of Christ, each using their various gifts constructing the kingdom of God.

  41. For the Salesian Sisters: - May Don Bosco’s Vision for the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians blossom through perseverance and generosity.

  42. For our young Salesians training to be Brothers and Priests: - May they grow ever-more in understanding and living Don Bosco’sReason, Religion and Loving-kindness.

  43. For the Parents of the young: - May they find, in Don Bosco’s Preventive System, a Christ-centred way of journeying with their children.

  44. For our Salesian Bishop and Priests: - May our pastors come to know Don Bosco more intimately so as to grow more like him each day.

  45. A Letter from Don Bosco to Stephen Rosetti, First Rhetoric Class. July 25, 1860 My dearest son, Your letter was a delight because it showed that you correctly understand my feelings for you. Yes , son, I love you with all my heart , and my love prompts me to do all I can to make you grow in knowledge and piety, and guide you to heaven. Keep in mind the many suggestions I gave you at various times. Be cheerful, but let your cheerfulness be genuine, stemming from a conscience free from sin. Study to become very rich , but rich in virtue, because the greatest of all treasures is the holy fear of God. Shun bad companions, associate with good ones. Place yourself in your pastor’s hands and follow his advice. All will then go well with you . Remember me to your parents and pray for me. While God wills that we be far from each other, I beg Him to keep you in His grace until we shall be together again. Affectionately yours Fr John Bosco

  46. Friend of the Young and the Poor You were the light in the dark for the young who could not see. And you were a spark for the young to become all they could be. Help us all come to be all God calls us to be. We will send the message. We will be the witnesses that you, Don Bosco, are the friend of the young and the poor. Lead us safely through the storm to the heavenly shore. Friend of the Young and the Poor

  47. You felt the fire in the heart of the Lord who burns with love. And you touched the heart of the young with that fire from above. Touch our hearts with that fire, make our God our desire. We will send the message. We will be the witnesses that you, Don Bosco, are the friend of the young and the poor. Lead us safely through the storm to the heavenly shore. Friend of the Young and the Poor

  48. You showed the young they were called to the service of their Lord. You taught them to walk in the light and the power of His Word. Help us walk in that light, make His Word our delight. We will send the message. We will be the witnesses that you, Don Bosco, are the friend of the young and the poor. Lead us safely through the storm to the heavenly shore. Fr Stephen Schencksdb Friend of the Young and the Poor