student designed dna extraction lab n.
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Student Designed DNA Extraction Lab PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Designed DNA Extraction Lab

Student Designed DNA Extraction Lab

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Student Designed DNA Extraction Lab

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  1. Student Designed DNA Extraction Lab

  2. Student Designed DNA Extraction Question: Can we extract DNA from _____________________________________? Hypothesis: If we try to extract DNA from _____________________________________ then we will be able to get DNA out of ______________________________________ as measured by whether or not we see the white DNA in the test tube Introduction: ____________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

  3. DNA extraction Notes (lined paper)

  4. Mechanical Break DowN of cell Smashing fruit in the bag = mechanical break down of cell wall

  5. Chemical Break Down of cell 10mL Extraction buffer contains: 1 mLSoap & 1/8 tsp Salt- breaks down lipids (fats) in cell membrane & nuclear membrane A dash of Meat Tenderizer- breaks down proteins

  6. Chemical Separation Cold Alcohol- DNA does not like to be in alcohol, so it bunches up and precipitates out of solution

  7. DNA Extraction Experiment • This is a qualitative experiment (no graph) you will be measuring whether or not DNA was successfully extracted from each material during multiple trials (may need to modify each trial to see what works best) • Think about procedures that will be different based on your materials (plant or animal cell? So what about mechanical break down?)

  8. Must be approved today • Group must be stamped for question & hypothesis TODAY (Pre-AP: must have procedures stamped today, too) • You will make your own extraction buffer, must calculate total amount required. Recipe below: Recipe for 10mL solution: 10mL H2O 1mL dish soap 1/8 teaspoon salt 1 pinch of meat tenderizer Work on DNA crossword puzzle once approved

  9. Closure • Draw a picture of the lab set up for one of your trials in the DNA lab. Label all materials and amounts.

  10. Procedures & Data Table • Fix procedures • Copy onto template • Set up data table • Come get approval stamp for procedures/data table • Work on crossword puzzle to review for quiz

  11. Closure • Draw a picture that visually represents your hypothesis for your DNA extraction experiment

  12. If your group is approved through data table (3 stamps total)… • Come show Ms. D to head into lab! Do NOT pour anything back into front stock bottles (extraction buffer, alcohol). Take only what you need.

  13. Once you are finished • Complete a 2-3 paragraph conclusion for your experiment. • Staple together & turn in today (order= lab template, conclusion) • Complete the DNA worksheet • If you finish everything early…play DNA review games with partner!