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Parallels in Tangible Interface & Web 2.0

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Parallels in Tangible Interface & Web 2.0 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parallels in Tangible Interface & Web 2.0. Sharad Singh Solanki. Topics. Tangible Interface Parallels in Web 2.0 & Tangible Interfaces. Tangible Interface. Tangible Interface.

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  • Tangible Interface
  • Parallels in Web 2.0 & Tangible Interfaces
tangible interface1
Tangible Interface

Definition: the use of physical artifacts as representations and controls for digital information (Brygg Ullmer & Hiroshi Ishii,MIT)

Tangible interfaces use objects instead of traditional input and output means (keyboard, mouse and screen) to work with computers.

tangible interface examples
Tangible Interface-Examples

I/O Brush -Kimiko Ryokai and Professor Hiroshi Ishii

I/O Brush is a drawing tool to explore colors, textures, and movements found in everyday materials by "picking up" and drawing with them.

Source: Tangible Media Group MIT (

tangible interface examples1
Tangible Interface-Examples

Programmable Beads -Rick Borovoy and Kwin Kramer

“Programmable Beads" - communicate with neighboring beads along a string. Put these beads together in different ways and you get different dynamic patterns of light.

Video Source:

Source: Tangible Media Group MIT (

tangible interface examples2
Tangible Interface-Examples

DataTiles -Jun Rekimoto, Brygg Ullmer, and Haro Oba

The DataTiles system integrates the benefits of two major interaction paradigms: graphical and physical user interfaces.

Video Source:

Source:Sony CSL(

tangible interface examples3
Tangible Interface-Examples

Tangible Query Interface -Brygg Ullmer, Zachary Malchano, and Professor Hiroshi Ishii

This project highlights new means for querying relational databases and live datastreams through the manipulation of physical objects.

Video source:

Source: MIT Research Lab (

tangible interface2
Tangible Interface

There are 4 characteristics concerning representation and control:

  • Physical representations are computationally coupled to underlying digital  information.
  • Physical representations embody mechanisms for interactive control.
  • Physical representations are perceptually coupled to actively mediated digital representations
  • Physical state of tangibles embodies key aspects of the digital state of a system


  • Tangible interfaces rely on a balance between physical and digital representations.
  • The elements of TUIs are spatially re-configurable (in contrast to tangible digital appliances)
tui toolkit
TUI Toolkit
  • Phidgets™, or physical widgets, are software building blocks that help a developer construct physical user interfaces. Applications can be developed in Visual Basic, VBA (Microsoft Access and Excel), LabView, Java, Delphi, C and C++


  • Papier-Mâché- Applications can be developed in JavaTM


tangible interface3
Tangible Interface

Phidgets TM Toolset Video

Video source: & University of Caligary

web 2 0 tui
Web 2.0 & TUI
  • Goal
  • Interaction Environment
  • Interactions
  • Technology
web 2 0 tui goal
Web 2.0 & TUI-Goal
  • Focused on Efficient User Interactions leading to Rich User Experience with the applications
  • Easy & Fast Learnability
web 2 0 tui interaction environment
Web 2.0 & TUI- Interaction Environment

Browser as a space for web 2.0

Center and Periphery of User's Attention within

Physical Space

(Ishii and Ullmer, Tangible Bits)

web 2 0 tui interactions
Web 2.0 & TUI-Interactions
  • Widgets
    • Drag & Drop interfaces
    • Point & Click
    • Metaphors driven interactions
    • Gesture & Intention based Interactions
  • Multi user interactions & Sociability
    • Real time Collaboration-eg.MeeboTM
    • Social Networking/Group Participation- eg.
web 2 0 tui interactions1
Web 2.0 & TUI-Interactions

metaDESK-In the metaDESK design, Ishii & Ullmer have tried to push back from GUIs into the real world, physically embodying many of the metaphorical devices (windows, icons, handles) they have popularized.

web 2 0 tui technology
Web 2.0 & TUI-Technology
  • Event driven Programming
  • Usage of pointing devices compared to Keyboard entry
  • More client side programming
  • Tagging
  • Asynchronous application model
  • Common Technology Platform
web 2 0 tui road ahead
Web 2.0 & TUI-Road Ahead
  • Web 2.0 support in handheld devices eg. mobile version of Konfabulator, Opera Mini™
  • Online gaming service providers
  • Online shopping service providers
  • And so on…. Happy thinking