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Scientific Revolution. Ch. 10. Mrs. Newman World History. Ptolemy. Greatest astronomer (2 nd . Century A.D.) Ptolemaic system- geo centric theory ( Earth is at the center of the universe) Theory supported by the Church. Egyptian, wrote in Greek. Ptolemaic System. Copernicus.

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Scientific revolution

Scientific Revolution

Ch. 10

Mrs. Newman

World History


  • Greatest astronomer (2nd. Century A.D.)

  • Ptolemaic system- geocentric theory (Earth is at the center of the universe)

  • Theory supported by the Church

Egyptian, wrote in Greek


  • Book- On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres

  • Heliocentric theory (sun is at the center of the universe, NOT Earth)

  • Theory angered The Church

1543, from Poland


  • German mathematician

  • Studied planetary motion & concurred w/Copernicus that the Sun was at the center of the universe

    • Orbits of the planets around the Sun were not circular (were elliptical- egg shaped)—Kepler’s First Law


  • Italian

  • Taught mathematics

  • 1st. European to use a telescope

    • Discovered mountains on the Moon, four moons revolving around Jupiter, & sunspots

Church response
Church Response

  • The Church ordered Galileo to recant his findings (contradicted the Bible & The Church’s beliefs)

    • He did so, but lived the rest of his life under house arrest


  • Professor of mathematics

  • Principia

    • Defined 3 laws of motion that govern the planetary bodies & objects on Earth

    • Universal Law of Gravitation (gravity)


  • Vesalius

    • On the Fabric of the Human Body (1543)

    • Dissected human bodies

  • Harvey

    • On the Motion of the Heart and Blood

    • Showed the heart and veins/arteries

Harvey’s sketches of

veins & arteries

Image in the Fabrica


  • Boyle

    • One of the 1st. scientists to conduct controlled experiments

    • Boyle’s Law- volume of a gas varies with the pressure exerted on it

  • Lavoisier

    • Invented a system of naming the chemical elements (founder of modern chemistry)

Lavoisier conducting an experiment on respiration in the 1770s.

An animation of Boyle's Law, showing the relationship between volume and pressure when mass and temperature are held constant.

Bellringer write questions and answer
Bellringer *write questions and answer*

  • Define geocentric. Who created that system?

  • Define heliocentric. Who created that system?

  • Who had the idea of gravity?

Women during the scientific revolution
Women during the Scientific Revolution

  • Margaret Cavendish

    • Aristocratic family

    • Critical of the belief that humans, through science, were the masters of nature

  • Maria Winkelmann

    • German astronomer

    • Discovered a comet

    • Denied a position as an assistant astronomer


  • French philosopher

  • Discourse on Method (1637)

    • “I think, therefore I am”

    • Father of modern rationalism- reason is the chief source of knowlege

Scientific method
Scientific Method

  • Systematic procedure for collecting & analyzing evidence

Francis bacon
Francis Bacon

  • English philosopher

  • Stated scientists should use inductive reasoning to learn about nature

    • Practiced the Scientific Method

    • Wanted science to benefit industry, agriculture, and trade

Cswk hmwk

Don’t have to write questions.

  • P.299 #4-8 (do not do #7)

  • P.324 #1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 17