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New Beginnings

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New Beginnings. Chapter 15. What will we be discussing in Chapter 15?. Renaissance Reformation Trade Routes Colonization. So who are these guys and what do they have to do with this time period? . What do you KNOW about this period?. What do you WONDER about this period?. KWL.

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new beginnings

New Beginnings

Chapter 15

what will we be discussing in chapter 15

What will we be discussing in Chapter 15?



Trade Routes


What do you KNOW about this period?

What do you WONDER about this period?

the renaissance

The Renaissance

Chapter 15 Section 1

read together
Read Together
  • Page 430 “You are There”
  • What does this really look like?
the awakening
The Awakening
  • Started in Italian city-states
    • Florence, Milan and Venice
  • Each were important in trade and commerce
    • Buying and selling of large quantities of goods
  • Flourished in wealth and intellect


    • Intellectual and economic movement
    • Revived interest in the art, social, scientific and political ideas of ancient Greece and Rome
    • Appreciation of “antiquities”
    • Renaissance means rebirth


    • Poet and scholar
    • Influenced early Renaissance
    • Encouraged people to study philosophy, literature and the past
    • “The style is the man” = Renaissance Man

Renaissance spreads

    • As people and towns became more prosperous
    • Fine clothing, large homes, display art
    • 1400s = Italy
    • 1600s = rest of Europe
art in the renaissanc e
Art in the Renaissance
  • Why Italy?
    • Ancient ruins (Rome)
    • Trade made them wealthy
    • Catholic Church was prominent
    • Wanted to hire artists to make their churches beautiful

Art was realistic

    • Portrayed people and nature as they really were
    • Inspired by Greek and Roman
    • Perspective was important
    • Depth

Italian Artists

    • Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci
    • Raphael = pictures of Jesus and his mother
http www vatican va various cappelle sistina vr index html
  • Michelangelo – sculptor and painter
    • Sistine Chapel

Leonardo da Vinci – painter, sculptor, engineer and scientist

    • Mona Lisa and Last Supper were most famous
    • Study optics and human body, thought of aircrafts
revolution in science
Revolution in Science
  • People should use reasoned thought and scientific method
    • Copernicus and Galileo
  • Copernicus – Poland – Earth was not the center of the universe
  • Galileo – Italy – improved telescope, but challenged the Church
renaissance inventions
Renaissance Inventions
  • Printing Press by Johannes Gutenberg
    • Used moveable type
    • Made books more available (had to be made by hand before)
    • People became more literate and commerce also began

Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific inventions

    • Many were too advanced and not made
  • Mainspring Clocks
    • Clocks could be portable
  • Single lens microscope
  • Optical telescope
  • Air thermometer
the need for church reform
The Need for Church Reform
  • Corruption in the Church
    • Had a lot of money in the Middle Ages
    • Accepted money for indulgences – pardon for punishments of sins – instead of doing charity or repentance

Martin Luther

    • Catholic monk who didn’t like the way the Church was being run
    • Only thought Christians should be judged by their belief in God
    • Attacked indulgences and interpreted Bible different
    • Nailed 95 Theses to door

Church excommunicated Luther

    • Some people began to agree with Luther
    • Followers called “Lutherans”
  • Other groups of non-Catholic Christians popped up starting the Reformation
  • People wanting to reform the Church
  • Protestantism – movement protesting the Church
aside what do lutherans believe
Aside: What do Lutherans believe?
  • Luther’s Teaching
    • Salvation could be achieved through faith alone
    • No goods needed to be done
    • Bible was the source of religious truth
    • Rejected 5 sacraments, banned indulgences
    • Clergy could marry
    • Body and Bread are symbol of Christ

Council of Trent in 1545

    • Worked against the Reformation, called the Counter-Reformation
    • Catholic Church did ban indulgences
  • Page 437 1 – 4