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Essay Structure

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Essay Structure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Essay Structure
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  1. Essay Structure A recipe for success!

  2. Essay Structure Ingredients • Title • Introduction • Thesis Statement • Body Paragraphs • Conclusion

  3. Preparation Ingredient TITLE • Prepares the reader to get a short understanding of what the paper will be about • Represents your paper • Is an eye catcher so the reader will want to read your paper EX: Think out of the ordinary when creating a title. Use a title that you know another person would not use.

  4. Ingredient #1 Introduction *This ingredient helps give the reader an understanding on what you will be writing about. * This ingredient also helps gain interest from the reader so he/she will want to read more.

  5. Ways to spice up your Introduction • Using Surprising facts, Data, Quotations, Hooks, or life experiences can help build a interesting Introduction Paragraph. So the reader can be interested in what you are writing. FOR EXAMPLE: Tell a life experience story A Perhaps Did you know…… Statement A Quotation from a book, speech or article Facts that many surprise your reader

  6. The Do not add in Spices(Introduction) • Do not announce your intentions EX. The paper I’m writing will be about…… The purpose of this essay is to ….. • Use dictionary or encyclopedia definitions EX. The dictionary says…. According to the encyclopedia….

  7. Ingredient #2 Thesis Statement Is a statement in your introduction paragraph that you plan to support, discuss or prove. The statement stands out as a guide to lead the reader in a clear direction in which you will take your essay. This statement is at the ending of your introduction.

  8. Ways to spice up your Thesis Statement • Proposing an fact EX. “That rates of skin cancer have increased steadily since the 1920s reveals the danger of the American obsession with getting a ‘healthy’ tan.”  • Proposing an opinion EX. . “College textbooks are not only too expensive for financially-challenged students, but they also represent a waste of natural resources.”

  9. Ingredient #3 First Body Paragraph -obvious beginning point -strongest argument with most significant example -topic sentence relates to thesis( 1st 0r 2nd sentence) -last sentence includes transitional statement that introduces 2nd body paragraph

  10. Add more of Ingredient #3 Second Body Paragraph -1st sentence should follow up with the end of the 1st body paragraph -2nd strongest argument with 2nd most significant example -topic sentence relates with thesis statement( 1st or 2nd sentence) -last sentence includes transitional statement that introduces 3rd body paragraph

  11. Add Just one more pinch of Ingredient #3 Third Body Paragraph -lack of illustration -1st sentence should follow up with the end of the 2nd body paragraph -weakest argument with weakest significant example -topic sentence relates with thesis statement( 1st or 2nd sentence) -last sentence ends with a “catchy” transitional statement that leads into the concluding paragraph. informing the reader of the last major point in the essay

  12. Ways to spice up your body paragraphs -Include active verbs & accurate diction -Limit the use of passive voice -Write plausible and effective broad topic sentences -Choose expressions wisely to maintain logical coherence

  13. Do not add in spices (body paragraphs) • Avoid simplistic transitions between paragraphs • Ex: “first, second, third, finally, also, and” • Avoid cluttering your sentences with unnecessary words and phrases  Skip anything that is irrelevant or that doesn’t make any clear sense

  14. Last Ingredient Conclusion Is the closing paragraph in your essay. This will be the last chance for you to persuade your reader, and close the discussion with a good impression.

  15. Ways to spice up your Conclusion • This paragraph includes: A similar statement used in the introduction A restatement of the thesis without repeating A final statement to impress your reader and lastly : Assure the reader has a sense of completion after reading your paper!

  16. Finally you have a well Structured Essay • Title • Introduction • Thesis Statement • Body Paragraphs • Conclusion

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