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RECREATION. Distinction Between Recreation and Amusement. The Body’s Inactivity. The whole body is designed for action. The mental powers cannot be effectively used without physical power. . What Happens in the Modern Family. Physical inaction in the schoolroom Insufficient ventilation

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the body s inactivity
The Body’s Inactivity
  • The whole body is designed for action.
  • The mental powers cannot be effectively used without physical power.
what happens in the modern family
What Happens in the Modern Family
  • Physical inaction in the schoolroom
  • Insufficient ventilation
  • Ill-formed seats encourage unnatural positions
  • Air laden with impurities and germs of diseases

“No wonder that in the schoolroom the foundation of lifelong illness is so often laid.”

the ideal start for our children
The Ideal Start for Our Children
  • Children should not be long confined within doors.
  • For the first eight or ten years of a child's life :
    • the field or garden is the best schoolroom
    • the mother the best teacher
    • nature the best lesson book

“One’s health should be regarded as of greater importance than a knowledge of books.”

a delicate balance
A Delicate Balance
  • Time spent in physical exercise is not lost.
  • He who studies continually will find that soon the mind will lose its freshness.
physical power and moral power
Physical Power and Moral Power
  • Physical inaction lessens not only mental but moral power.
  • The brain is the medium between heaven and man.

Excessive activity has a similar effect to the arousal of moral nature.

  • Excessive study, by increasing the flow of blood to the brain leads to the following events.
unsuitable recreation
Unsuitable Recreation
  • Sports impacts on success in school as well as in spirituality.
  • Some of the contact sports, have become schools of brutality.
results of unsuitable recreation
Results of Unsuitable Recreation
  • The love of domination
  • The pride in mere brute force
  • The reckless disregard of life
  • Love of pleasure and excitement
  • A distaste for useful labor
  • A disposition to shun practical duties and responsibilities

“Essentially, it is a hindrance to real growth!”

suitable recreation
Suitable Recreation
  • The description of life in the past and present.
hope for suitable recreation
Hope for Suitable Recreation
  • “We may learn from the lessons that will make our seasons of recreation what the name implies--seasons of true up-building for body and mind and soul”
choosing a home school
Choosing a Home/ School
  • School buildings should be placed to allow children the benefits of nature’s teaching and lessons. ..
the role of the teacher
The Role of The Teacher
  • The true teacher can impart to his pupils few gifts so valuable as the gift of his own companionship.
  • The sacrifice demanded of the teacher would be great, but he would reap a rich reward.
how to achieve two goals simultaneously
How to Achieve Two Goals Simultaneously
  • An interest in beautifying the school grounds will make the children hesitant to spoil or deface it!
  • Find opportunities for directing pupils to acts of helpfulness and this can be felt throughout the home!
  • Attributes needed are:

A refined taste, a love of order, and a habit of care-taking; and the spirit of fellowship and co-operation.

  • Recreational activities will interrupt the regular routine of school-work.
  • An outlet will be given for that excess energy.

“As a safeguard against evil, the preoccupation of the mind with good is worth more than unnumbered barriers of law and discipline.”

the ultimate goal