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Protect our Legacy

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Protect our Legacy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Protect our Legacy
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  1. Protect our Legacy Act Local Project by Ryan McMakin

  2. Protect our Legacy • Protect our Legacy is a group of volunteersformed to fight the planned Race Trac gas station at the cornerof Warren and Legacy Drives in Frisco.

  3. Problems • As part of the development, there will be a new school built next to the mega gas station. The problem is that the gas station will also sell beer and wine. Alcohol Sales • There are also other schools in the area, including Hicks Elementary. We don’t believe that alcohol sales should be allowed so close to so many children.

  4. More Problems Widening of Legacy Drive • More Traffic. Area is surrounded by neighborhoods full of children • If they widen Legacy, they will have to destroy nearly 50 beautifulRedOak trees along Legacy Drive. Wetied green ribbons around the trees to bring attention to this issue.

  5. My Role • I went door to door in my neighborhood and got people to sign a petition to the Frisco City Council to stop the Race Trac gas station. • The petitions were givento the City Council at their October meeting

  6. Results • As of today, City Council approval for the gas station is unsure. • The City is trying to find a way to widen the road without destroying the beautiful Red Oaks that line the Parkway.