Iaald general assembly report to members peter ballantyne and toni greider
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IAALD General Assembly Report to members Peter Ballantyne and Toni Greider - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IAALD General Assembly Report to members Peter Ballantyne and Toni Greider. Montpellier, France 27 April 2010. Agenda. Adopt Agenda Minutes of 2008 GA Reporting back Executive Committee Nominations Incoming President Other Business. How we operate. Executive Committee 2005-2010

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Iaald general assembly report to members peter ballantyne and toni greider

IAALD General AssemblyReport to membersPeter Ballantyne and Toni Greider

Montpellier, France

27 April 2010


  • Adopt Agenda

  • Minutes of 2008 GA

  • Reporting back

  • Executive Committee Nominations

  • Incoming President

  • Other Business

How we operate
How we operate

  • Executive Committee 2005-2010

    • New structure 2010 onwards

  • Members (institutions, individuals, students)

  • General Assembly

  • E-voting

  • World and regional congresses

  • Chapters and groups (china, central/east europe, africa, UK, USA)

  • ‘Sisters’ (jaald, usain, fita’s, …)

  • Website: www iaald.org

  • Listserver @ University Arizona

  • Blog: http://iaald.blogspot.com

  • Journal: http://journals.sfu.ca/iaald

Executive committee 2005 2010

Peter Ballantyne (The Netherlands)

Vielka Chang-Yau (Panama)

Debbie Currie (USA)

Michal Demes (Hungary)

Elizabeth Dodsworth (UK)

Elizabeth Goldberg (Italy)

Toni Greider (USA)

Barbara Hutchinson (USA)

Nick Maliha (Syria)

Shuchun Pan (China)

Takashi Nagatsuka (Japan)

Stephen Rudgard (Italy)

Plus ex-officio reps chapters and ‘sisters’

Executive Committee, 2005-2010


  • leading global community of practice for information specialists* in agriculture and related disciplines

    *people and institutions who are professionally involved in creating, capturing, accessing, or disseminating information and knowledge concerning agriculture and rural development

What we do
What we do

  • IAALD connects agricultural information specialists worldwide

  • IAALD convenes agricultural information specialists worldwide

  • IAALD communicates and advocates the value of knowledge and information to its members and others

  • IAALD collaborates with members and other partner organisations

2005 priorities
2005 Priorities

  • Strengthen the membership base 

  • Engage the members

  • Facilitate professional development for members

  • Expand and deepen partnerships and alliances

  • Hold events and workshops

  • Inform and communicate with members and the wider agricultural information community

  • Establish a sound organizational financial base

  • Reorganise the IAALD business practices

Headline results
Headline Results

  • Refreshed governance model

  • Membership stable?

  • Finances stable?

    • Cutting costs (e-journal)

    • CTA and FAO support

  • Africa chapter

  • UK and Ireland Group

  • North America Group

  • 2008 congress / 2010 congress / 2 Africa conferences

  • Iaald 2.0 communications

  • Journal

  • Iaald ‘.com’ organisational/financial base

Major milestones
Major Milestones

  • May 2005: World Congress, USA

  • June 2005: IAALD blog

  • October 2005: iaald.org identity

  • December 2005: New strategy

  • April 2006: New marketing materials and display

  • May 2006: Africa Congress, Kenya

  • October 2006: IAALD registered as legal entity

  • January 2007: Back office re-organised

  • January 2008: Journal re-launched

  • August 2008: World Congress, Japan

  • 2009: UK and Ireland Chapter formation

  • July 2009: Africa Congress, Ghana

  • October 2009: first e-vote

  • February 2010: New governance approved

  • April 2010: World Congress, France

  • 2011: INFITA Congress, Namibia

  • 2012: Africa Congress, South Africa

  • Participation in USAIN, IFLA, WITFOR, AIBDA, AFITA meetings

  • Participation in CIARD initiative

  • 6 board meetings


Quarterly Bulletin’s 52-year run ended in 2007

Agricultural Information Worldwide (AIW) launched in January 2008

Editorial Board for AIW formed

AIW goes e-only in April 2010:


Coming soon:

New Editorial coordination

Open access archive back to 1992

Chapters and sisters
Chapters and Sisters

Africa Chapter

Conferences in 2006 and 2009 (and 2012)

UK and Ireland group

North America group (USAIN link)



Participation in RIBDA 2009

Participation in USAIN 2008 (Ohio) and 2006 (Cornell)

Japan congress with JAALD, AFITA, INFITA

Contributed to e-agriculture and CIARD initiatives

Africa chapter
Africa chapter

Plan of Activities

Activity 1 – Finalize the Chapter’s Strategic Plan

Activity 2 – Training Plan

Activity 3 – Advocacy Strategy for Opening Access to AR4D Information and Knowledge

Activity 4 – Amend the Chapter By-Laws

Activity 5 – Membership Recruitment Plan

Activity 6 – Establish the Chapter’s Legal Office

Activity 7 – Preparations for the 3rd Conference of the Chapter

The next Chapter’s Conference will be held in South Africa, 2012, possibly in Johannesburg.


  • Updated the “Back” Office

    • Established IAALD mailing address

    • Legally established IAALD

    • Now able to pay by credit card or paypal

    • Automated the accounting system

    • Created e-membership packet for new members

    • Introduced e-voting

    • E-billing

    • New Governance model

Executive committee slate 2010 11
Executive Committee slate: 2010-11

Past President: Peter Ballantyne (UK)

Member (1 year): Elizabeth Dodsworth (UK)

Member (2 years): Odile Bedu (France)

Member (3 years): Jaron Porciello (USA)

President: Barbara Hutchinson (USA)

Vice President: Edith Hesse (Austria)

Secretary/Treasurer: Toni Greider (USA)

FAO – Stephen Rudgard Africa – Justin Chisenga

IICA – Federico Sancho China - ?

UK – Roger Mills

Incoming president
Incoming President

  • Plans

  • Active Engagement

Fully Establish New IAALD Governance Structure (transition year)

(1) Define roles:

Executive Committee members

AIW Managing Editor (Editorial Board and Technical Editor)

Communications Manager (social networking and website)

Chapter Presidents

Invited Organizational Representatives/Liaisons

(2) Identify & explore appropriate partnerships and collaborations

(3) Revise the Constitution to integrate new organizational structure

Rewrite as needed (i.e. elections, officers, etc.)

(4) Plan for next election (establish date for changing officers)

Conduct e-election in late 2010/early 2011

(5) Determine & formalize AIW production procedures

Issues per year, etc.

(6) Strengthen chapters and recruit new members

Determine how to maintain & leverage social networking services, i.e increasing revenue & membership

Conduct needs assessment (online survey)

Identify professional development opportunities, options for member services & congress preferences

Determine possible virtual programming, i.e. webinars for members (fee-based for non-members)

Assess IAALD website as a tool for delivering member services

Continue to review back-office processes services, i.e increasing revenue & membershipincluding developing operational procedures for forming & managing Chapters

Schedule of Meetings

Establish regular virtual conferencing for IAALD extended Executive Committee

Review criteria for hosting World Congresses

Determine appropriate schedule

Select sites for the next World Congresses

Africa (two regional opportunities 2011 & 2012)

USA (formal proposal to host in 2013)

India/SA (formal proposal to host at some point)

Look for opportunities for regional conferences and collaborative conference programming

We need your ideas and energy to build our community of practice: “information sharing and knowledge management in agriculture & applied life sciences”

Respond to survey (needs assessment)

Offer expertise

Identify and mentor new members

Facilitate discussions

Participate in Regional Chapters

Help plan World Congresses

Thank you…I look forward to working with all of you in the coming year!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world…

Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

-- Margaret Mead