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The Italian Cinderella

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The Italian Cinderella - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Italian Cinderella. Room 315. CINDERELLA. .THERE once was a man who had three daughters. .He was ordered to go away to work so he asked his daughters what they wanted him to bring back. .One asked for a handsome dress. .The other asked for a fine hat and a beautiful clothing. Cinderella.

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  • .THERE once was a man who had three daughters.

.He was ordered to go away to work so he asked his daughters what they wanted him to bring back.

.One asked for a handsome dress.

.The other asked for a fine hat and a beautiful clothing.

  • The youngest asked for a Verdelio.
  • Her father was not pleased with her decision but he gave it to her anyway.
  • Her father worked at the court, and one day the king said that he was going to have three balls and he was invited to all of them.
  • So he told his three daughters that the king invited them to the ball.
  • But he looked at Cinderella and said you can’t go because you do not have a dress.
  • And Cinderella said that she does not care if she does not go.
  • When they were gone she went to the bird and said-”O BIRD VERDELIO MAKE ME MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN I AM”.
  • So after she said that, she was clothed in a green dress with a lot of diamonds.
  • Then the bird gave her two purses of money and said to her go to your carriage be on your way.
  • So she went to the ball and left the bird at home. When she got there all of the men saw her and they wanted to dance with her but the prince got to her first.
  • After the prince had danced with her all evening they stood beside her sister and she dropped her bracelet and her sister picked it up and said, “oh signora ,said the eldest you dropped this”. And she said “keep it for your self”. And the sister said “if only Cinderella was here who knows what happened to her”.
  • The king told the slaves to find out where she lived when she left the ball.
  • So when she left she got into the carriage and was on her way home and she knew somebody was following her so she threw all her money out the window, and the greedy slaves stopped to pick the money up and they forgot to follow her. When she got home she asked the bird Verdelio to make her more homelier than she is.
  • So when her sisters come home they cried tp Cinderella but their father said leave her alone because she is asleep.
  • The next evening they asked Cinderella if she was going to the ball this evening and she said “O, don’t bother me I don’t want to go”.
  • So then they began to get ready for the ball and make themselves look better then the day before.
  • When they had left Cinderella went to her bird and asked him to make her more beautiful than she is so he did. And she was in a green dress with a lot of diamonds on the dress- more than you could imagine. The bird told her to take these sand bags and when you are followed throw it so they could be blinded.
  • She got in the carriage and set off for the ball when she got to the ball the prince saw her right away so he danced with her as long as he could, and when he got tired or weary he put her next to her sisters and when she took out her handkerchief she dropped her necklace and the second sister picked it up and she said “signora you dropped this and she said keep it for yourself”.
  • So after she had left she went home and asked the bird to make her homelier than she is.
  • The bird made her more homelier and then her sister came in but they could not talk to her because she was asleep, so they said she must come tomorrow.
  • The next evening when they left Cinderella went to the bird and asked him to make her more beautiful than she is.
  • When she went to the dance nobody could look at her because she was so bedazzled.
  • Then the prince started to dance with her and then they were finished. She went home as usual but then the king’s slaves started to follow her.
  • So she had to jump out the carriage and into the house but the men saw her and she left her slipper so they picked it up and gave it to the prince.
  • The king said go to the house tomorrow and bring me the girl.
  • So they went to the house the next day and asked the father “how many daughters do you have” and he said two so they ordered them to come down.
  • Then he ordered them to put the shoe on but they could not fit it ,so he asked are their anymore and he said no and they said tell the truth because if you don’t it is punishable with death.
  • So he said he has one more but she is so dirty that he does not want to call her his daughter.
  • The prince said bring her down anyway.
  • So they called her down and she came down looking beautiful as can be, and she had her bird with her too.
  • Then when she came down they noticed the shoe fit her so they took her to the king and they got married, then she invited her sisters and her father to the celebration and they lived happily ever after.
italian style
Italian Style

Appearances matter in Italy. The way you dress can indicate your social status, your family background, and your education level. They are really are about fashion and they judge people on their appearances. They eat stuff like pasta a faioli, fettucine Alfredo and polenta.