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Project Overview. Mathematics and I.C.T. Learning Areas. Levels. Primary 1 – Primary 3 (Levels A and B). Objectives. To provide children with interactive opportunities, to become more adept at mental calculations.

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Project Overview

Mathematics and I.C.T.

Learning Areas


Primary 1 – Primary 3 (Levels A and B)


  • To provide children with interactive opportunities, to become more adept at mental calculations.
  • To encourage children to become successful enquirers, describing and explaining how answers to mental calculations are sought.
  • To instil a sense of motivation and achievement within infant children, as successful, interactive learners.
  • To allow teaching staff to develop new teaching strategies, making most effective use of the resources which can be accessed through the CC3 system, the internet and easi-teach resources.


The project involves the use of CC3, internet and easi-teach materials to promote daily interactive and mental mathematics for children in P1 – P3. It encourages a questioning, enquiring and formative mind within these children and in turn, it is hoped to give the children transferable skills, to be used across all areas of the curriculum.


R.M. Learning Resources (CC3), Interactive Whiteboard Websites, Easi-teach


Mental, mathematics, calculations, interactive, whiteboard, enquiring, questioning, formative


Craig Connon, Class Teacher, Mossneuk Primary School, East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire


The Curriculum

At Mossneuk, we recognise the importance of Mental Mathematics within the maths curriculum and curriculum as a whole.

We knew that I.C.T. would be a very beneficial way of developing this, as the HMIE state (within their Use of ICT in Learning and Teaching document),

“Pupils consistently displayed high levels of interest, motivation and enjoyment when involved in ICT-related activities”


Teaching Resources

  • To carry out the project, we used the following resources:
  • Learning resources – from RM CC3 Resources
  • Interactive whiteboard websites, including
  • Easi-teach resources

Assessment and Evaluation

As the project is currently underway there has been no evaluation or assessment as yet.

As the project progresses, it will be evaluated through the assessment of children’s skills and work in I.C.T. – formally, informally and formatively.

The project’s success should also be evident through National Assessment results in mathematics – particularly in levels of attainment within the mental sections of the papers.

Teachers will also be questioned on the success (or not) of the use of interactive whiteboards, both within mathematics and other curricular areas.


Craig Connon (Class Teacher)

Mossneuk Primary School

Mossneuk Drive

East Kilbride

G75 8XQ

Tel: 01355 239777