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ODADAS/ODMH Joint All-staff Meeting Oct. 4, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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ODADAS/ODMH Joint All-staff Meeting Oct. 4, 2012

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ODADAS/ODMH Joint All-staff Meeting Oct. 4, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ODADAS/ODMH Joint All-staff Meeting Oct. 4, 2012
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Presentation Transcript

  1. John R. Kasich, Governor Orman Hall, Director, ODADAS Tracy J. Plouck, Director, ODMH ODADAS/ODMH Joint All-staff Meeting Oct. 4, 2012

  2. 2011 Alliance Achievement Award The Partnership for a Drug-Free Ohio was recently named one of The Partnership at’s 2011 National Alliance Achievement Award winners. ODADAS serves as the parent organization for the Partnership’s activities in Ohio. Ohio’s “Don’t Get Me Started” prescription painkiller awareness campaign, “Little Pill, Big Problem” video and other efforts geared toward resolving the opiate epidemic, were among the examples cited by the selection committee. Award recipients were recognized for their comprehensive, proactive and creative approaches to supporting drug and alcohol abuse prevention efforts. Photo: (l-r) ODADAS Communications Manager Eric Wandersleben and ODADAS Communications Chief Stacey Frohnapfel-Hasson

  3. Back-office Consolidation Updates • Office of Health Integration • Office of Legal and Regulatory Services • Office of Fiscal Services • Office of Information Services (OIS) • Office of Public Affairs

  4. Office of Health Integration

  5. Office of Health Integration • A single approach related to Medicaid operations • MACSIS, MITS and the interface with fiscal administration and other offices • While we have operated very consistently from a Medicaid perspective across the departments, there is still room for improvement and increased efficiency • An approach to benefit design that incorporates both MH and AoDperspectives where it makes sense and recognizes differences when necessary. • We may need to rethink some of our earlier decisions in the context of a consolidated department • Expand and Align the Medicaid Continuum of Care and Benefit Package • AoDresidential benefit • Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) in other health care settings • Intensive Home Based Treatment (IHBT) and Family Therapy/Counseling • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

  6. Office of Health Integration • Peer Support – Have already recommended a shared peer support service definition through the work of BRSS TACS. • Behavioral Health Coding Alignment • Open up diagnostic codes across provider types and comparable services • Expand allowable procedure codes for behavioral health providers to support integrated services • Address the elimination of CPT code 90862 and replacement of 90801 effective January 2013 • Address requests for additional coding for certain initiatives (e.g., LAUNCH) • Community Medicaid Reconciliation Plan • Development of a shared approach for AoDand MH and a single, coordinated schedule for completing reconciliation for the outstanding fiscal years.

  7. Office of Legal and Regulatory Services • Co-location • Rules and Policy – combined monthly meeting • Certification Chief • Statutory language for the new department Education Training Research Treatment Providers Self-Exclusion Referral Listing

  8. Office of Fiscal Services Consolidation Team Summary • The Fiscal Consolidation Team (FCT) examined issues related to high-priority areas assuring the ability to carry out the objectives of the combined departments: • The SFY14/15 Biennium Budget submission which combines historical ODADAS and ODMH chart of accounts structure and presents an appropriation budget developed to encompass the combined agency vision ensuring maximization. • Staff, board representatives, providers and stakeholder agencies input and relations as instrumental components in achieving this structure. • Management of both ODADAS and ODMH diligently working to develop the Fiscal Office’s Table of Organization to ensure staffing requirements meet the fiscal business lines.

  9. Office of Fiscal Services Consolidation Team Summary continued • The review and development of best practices as it relates to the business lines within the Fiscal Office with high regard to interagency workflow role and responsibilities. • The FCT will continue to establish and follow an aggressive time line that includes several formal meetings with State Agency Stakeholders (OBM, DAS, etc.) and several sub-team meetings with Fiscal supervisory staff and Subject Matter Experts (SME).   • The FCT recognizes that a strong financial reporting structure and system functionality are essential elements to provide management with reliable financial data and overall quality services to federal, state and local stakeholders.

  10. Office of Fiscal Services Initial Fiscal Business Lines

  11. Office of Fiscal Services Fiscal Business Line Distribution

  12. Office of Fiscal Services Table of Organization

  13. Office of Information Services What’s been going on? • Basic network connectivity between ODADAS and ODMH • Defined a standard development framework • Created a single set of IT policies • Agreed upon a common Help Desk tool • ODADAS developers created ODMH Grants Management tool (GINA) • Developed a plan for database monitoring and integration

  14. Office of Information Services Organizational Summary • Architecture • Software Frameworks • Software Design • Infrastructure Design • Problem Analysis • Emerging Trends Analysis • Project Mgmt & Production Supt • Business Process Analysis • Project Management • Portfolio Management • Governance • Production Support • Infrastructure • Network Support • Voice-Over IP Support • Desktop Hardware Support • Desktop Software Support • Help Desk • Application Development & Information Delivery • C#.Net & Web Development • J2EE Development • Electronic Medical Record Support • Legacy Mainframe Support • Legacy MACSIS Support • Server Based Database Support • Mainframe Database Support • Cognos Reporting • Business Objects Reporting

  15. Office of Information Services What’s next? • Launch new agency website • One Help Desk for all employees • Implement a single phone system agency-wide (VOIP) • Reduce the IT budget, leveraging existing capabilities in both agencies • Single Project Management Office for all IT initiatives • Common development platform for hospital IT development

  16. Office of Public Affairs • Behavioral Health e-Update • Consolidation website – • Social Media • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • Legislative Liaison

  17. ODADAS Relocation to the Rhodes Tower • Board of Regents plans to vacate space in Rhodes Tower in October – 36th Floor • Planning for the physical move will begin soon • Working with DAS on space requirements • Some ODMH and all ODADAS staff will move • Late winter/early spring – may begin series of staged moves depending on need

  18. New Staff/Staff Who Have Recently Changed Roles • ODADAS – new staff • Terrence Hudson, AoD Counselor , OASIS Therapeutic Community (Pickaway), Division of Treatment and Recovery Services • ODADAS – changed roles • Patty Heffner, AoD Counselor Supervisor, OASIS Therapeutic Community (Pickaway), Division of Treatment and Recovery Services • ODMH – new staff • Jonathan Baker, Legislative Liaison, Office of Public Affairs • John Hurley, Family and Systems Issues Administrator, Office of Children, Families and Prevention  • Dr. Phillip Resnick, Forensic Consultant, Office of Forensic Services • Art Wills, Administrative Professional, Office of Capital Planning and Management

  19. New Staff/Staff Who Have Recently Changed Roles – continued • ODMH – changed roles • Doug Bailey, Office of Capital Planning and Management • Kathy Coate-Ortiz, Chief, Office of Community and Client Rights • Missy Craddock, Deputy Director of Public Affairs • Terry Jones, Chief, Office of Children, Families and Prevention • Anita Lieser, Provider Relations Administrator, Office of Legal and Regulatory Services • Chris Nicastro, Chief, Office of Forensic Services • Andrew Sokolnicki, Office of Health Integration

  20. FY 14/15 Budget

  21. Brown Bag Lunch Schedule Location: ODMH Rhodes Tower, 8th Floor Room 806 Time: Noon-1 p.m. • Oct. 31 – Dr. Tammy Collins, ODADAS Prevention Initiatives • Nov. 7 –Bob Short, Hospital system and our relationship with boards • Nov. 15 –Christine Morrison, Opiate Initiatives • Nov. 26 –Dr. Mark Hurst, Treatment approaches for individuals with dual diagnoses (MH and AoD) Contact: Jody Anderson, ODMH (614) 466-2337

  22. Combined Charitable Campaign Sept. 5-Oct. 19, 2012 ODMH Coordinator – Terry Twiddy (HR) Goal –$139,215 Percentage of Goal Met as of Oct. 3 – 58% ODADAS Coordinators – Todd Koger (MIS), Molly Stone (Prevention) Goal – $15,717 Percentage of Goal Met as of Oct. 3 – 65% • Joint effort – Coordinators from both agencies have invited staff from each other’s agency to participate in CCC events • Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Your generosity is appreciated.

  23. Ohio Department of …? + = ?

  24. Questions?