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Antarctica II. Stuff you might not know about life on (and around) the frozen continent. Terrestrial animals. Rotifer. Nematode. Tardigrade. Springtail. Mite. Belgica antarctica – the Antarctic Midge. Truly weird habitats. Lake Vostok. Adelie penguin. Animalia; Chordata; Aves

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Antarctica ii l.jpg

Antarctica II

Stuff you might not know about life on (and around) the frozen continent

Terrestrial animals l.jpg
Terrestrial animals






Belgica antarctica the antarctic midge l.jpg
Belgica antarctica – the Antarctic Midge

Adelie penguin l.jpg
Adelie penguin

  • Animalia; Chordata; Aves

  • Sphenisciformes; Spheniscidae

  • Pygoscelis adeliae

Dumont d’Urville (1790-1842)

Adelie penguin colonies l.jpg
Adelie Penguin colonies

  • 500 – 250,000 individuals

Adult adelie penguins l.jpg
Adult Adelie penguins

  • Males arrive, build ‘nest’, compete for mates

  • Competition for stones

  • Females arrive, lay egg, share incubation with male (although she often disappears for 10 days at a time!)

  • Incubation and feeding shared

Life cycle of an adelie penguin l.jpg
Life cycle of an Adelie Penguin

  • Hatch, eat and eat and eat…

Life cycle of an adelie penguin9 l.jpg
Life cycle of an Adelie Penguin

  • Hatch, eat and eat and eat…


  • Nests break down and chicks form Creches

  • Chick goes through rebellious teen years, moults and goes to sea for 1-3 years, coming ashore only to moult once a year

Thermal issues l.jpg
Thermal issues

  • Water is cold!

  • Ice is cold!

  • Nest is cold!

  • Air is cold (but doesn’t dissipate heat easily)

Predators and mortality l.jpg
Predators and mortality

  • Leopard seals (in water)

  • Skuas (of chicks and eggs)

  • ~95% mortality between fledging and first reproduction

    • Life history consequences

Links to the ocean l.jpg
Links to the ocean

  • Colony sites are all on ice-free ground near open water

    • Changes in availability of ice = changes in number of colonies

    • Walking to reach water = very expensive

    • Change in diet during season

    • If fishery crashes, so do the penguins

Penguins track the environment l.jpg
Penguins track the environment

The Adelie Penguin: Bellwether of climate change

David Ainley

Why don t fish freeze l.jpg
Why don’t fish freeze?

Water temperature?

Why don t fish freeze15 l.jpg
Why don’t fish freeze?

  • Seawater temperature:

    • -1.86 °C

  • Melting point of body fluids:

    • -0.6 °C

Why don t fish freeze16 l.jpg
Why don’t fish freeze?

  • Fish are regularly in contact with ice

Why don t fish freeze17 l.jpg
Why don’t fish freeze?

  • The freezing point is not the same as the melting point

    • “Thermal Hysteresis”

  • Antifreeze proteins

Arthur L. De Vries

Why don t fish freeze18 l.jpg
Why don’t fish freeze?

  • Antifreeze proteins

    • Made in the pancreas

    • Circulate throughout body fluids

    • Prevent ice crystals in the fish from growing