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  1. Claytronics A Presentation by:AmitMahajan B. Tech(ECE), 7th Semester GNDU

  2. What is Claytronics? Dynamic 3-Dimensional Display of information CLAYTRONICS!

  3. Claytronics: The Research Collaborative Research in Programmable Matter is Directed by Carnegie Mellon University and Intel Goal of Research To give forms of Information that are: Tangible Interactive In Digital environments that are Indistinguishable from reality

  4. Main Focus of Research 1. Creating Claytronic atoms (Catoms) • 2. Designing reliable programs to manage the shaping of ensembles of millions of catoms into dynamic, 3-d forms. Original Replica Ensemble of Catoms Single Unit

  5. Catoms Catoms = claytronic atoms Self Assembly of catoms Synthetic Reality • Catoms: less than a millimeter in size For high resolution applications millimeter scale catoms are required that are electro statically actuated and self contained

  6. Role of Moore’s Law Claytronic technology has become possible because of Moore's Law • Moore's Law: A long-term trend in the history of computing hardware, in which number of transistors placed inexpensively on an IC has doubled (approx) every two years

  7. Programmable Matter Micro-Nanoscale Computer Basic unit Catom Self Assembly of Catoms Biggest Challenge

  8. Current Status of Research Current stage of design: Claytronics hardware operates from macro scale designs with devices much larger than the tiny modular robots Researchers investigate the effects of scale on: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Manufacturable, Nanoscale modular robots capable of self-assembly

  9. Types of Catoms Planer Catoms Electrostatic Latches Giant Helium Catoms Electrostatic Latches Giant Helium Catoms Cubes Stochastic Catoms Cubes Stochastic Catoms

  10. Revolution in Communication One Dimensional Two Dimensional Three Dimensional

  11. Shape Shifting Furniture! Change the shape of furniture and the wall paintings according to preferences from time to time!

  12. References Carnegie Mellon University official site: as on october 15th-20th 2009 Other information from: Images from:

  13. Thank You