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Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015

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Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Coronado Public Library . Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015. May 2011 The Singer Group, Inc. Paula M. Singer, PhD; Gail Griffith, MLS, MS Lorraine Kituri, MS. Coronado Public Library Planning Process Overview. Key Stakeholder Interviews. Online Survey for Community and Staff.

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Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015

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Presentation Transcript
strategic plan 2011 2015

Coronado Public Library

Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015

May 2011

The Singer Group, Inc.

Paula M. Singer, PhD; Gail Griffith, MLS, MS

Lorraine Kituri, MS


Coronado Public Library

Planning Process Overview

Key Stakeholder Interviews

Online Survey for Community and Staff

City of Coronado


Outcome: A vibrant Coronado Public Library in 2015, supported and enjoyed by the entire community

Library Staff

Input Sessions

Best Practices Research

Data Review:

Census, Economic

Analysis, Recent

Library planning


Steering Committee Meeting #1:

Trends identification, community vision, library roles

Our wiki is a place to share and learn:







Meeting #3:

Review and react

to draft documents

Core Planning Team Formed



Meeting #2:

Learning more about the

library; gap analysis

Library Board Input Session












stakeholder interviewees
Stakeholder Interviewees
  • Bob Balfour – Board President, Coronado Historical Society
  • Robin Franck – Library Board Trustee
  • Steve Johnson - Web Publisher of E-Coronado
  • Blair King – City Manager
  • Debbie Riddle – Principal, Lee Mather Company
  • Joe Ditler – Former ED Coronado Historical Association
  • Kris Grant – Publisher, Coronado Life Style
  • Sharon Lynn Sherman – Attorney and Friends Board
  • Casey Tanaka - Mayor
  • Ledyard Hakes - School Board Member


steering committee
Steering Committee
  • Chris Ackerman
  • Charles Ahern
  • Barbara Denny
  • Christine Donovan
  • Karen Finch
  • Vickie Fisk
  • Bill Green
  • Claudette Harshberger
  • Charles Hayes
  • Sherry Martin
  • Sandi McCarthy
  • Jackie McCoy
  • Ginny Osgood
  • Tom Ritter
  • Genevieve Rohan
  • Daniel Shaughnessy
  • Sharon Sherman
  • Brianna Smith
  • Chelsea Sylvester
  • Betsy Vernetti
  • Liz Warren
  • Sally Ann Zoll


  • Library trusted, neutral
  • Wonderful “state of the art” facility
  • Well used public and meeting space
  • High community support, satisfaction
  • Good relationship with partners, community leaders and government officials
  • Operating environment: Impact of changes at SERRA and California State Library
  • Questions about the future of libraries and sustainability
    • Circulation will become a less-important measure of success as downloadable books and media become more popular
    • Skills of librarians and value-added services will become more important and valuable

Source: Stakeholder Interviews, Steering Committee, Library Staff




Library Responses

  • Technology
  • The mobile world
  • The way people read
    • And digital rights management
  • How, where, and when learning occurs
  • 24/7 world
  • Convenience
  • Happiness research
    • Art and music ; Social interaction
  • Information fluency & lifelong learning
  • Workforce development
  • Community spaces, community convener
  • Proactive customer service


steering committee wants
Steering Committee Wants

Meeting #1

Meeting #2

  • Create Young Readers: Emergent Literacy
  • Stimulate Imagination: Reading, Viewing, and Listening for Pleasure
  • Information Fluency: Understand How to Find, Evaluate, and Use Information
  • Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning
  • Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces
  • Technology
    • E-books, audio
    • Local content development and access to local content
  • Focus on children and teens
  • Cultural programming
  • Direct assistance: personal service and high tech


stakeholders want
Stakeholders Want
  • More hours
  • Lend e-readers + downloadable content
  • Marketing
  • Target children and teens
  • Enhance role as museum of local history
  • Arts, entertainment, educational cultural programs


community wants
Community Wants
  • Material when wanted
  • Using technology for convenience
  • Downloadable content
  • Computer classes
    • Software instruction
    • Using and evaluating info (travel, health, etc.)
  • Arts, music, culture classes
  • 85% would pay a fee to attend a class
    • 49% would pay up to $10
    • 18% would pay $11-$15
    • 18% would pay $16-$20


staff wants to provide
Staff Wants to Provide
  • High tech combined with personal service
  • Technology
    • Skills
    • Interactive, attractive, easy-to-use website
    • Cutting edge
    • Faster response to digitization trends (downloadable books and audio, lend/teach about e-readers)
    • Digitizing arts and historic collection
    • Incorporate more into the library’s daily work
      • Convenient customer service
      • Staff work processes (ordering, meeting room calendars, etc.)
  • Green


staff perspective and we saw these themes throughout
Staff Perspective (and we saw these themes throughout)



  • Dedicated and positive staff who want to move forward with technology
  • Personal customer service
  • Beautiful facility with much to offer
  • Solid public support
  • Established and well-received programs for all ages
  • How to get up to speed with technology—both for patrons and staff work processes
  • How to keep up with technology changes that will affect libraries
  • Need to increase outreach, especially to schools
  • Need to use staff and volunteers effectively to provide best service: training, cross-training, communication, etc.


“This library’s strength is traditional service. At the same time, it does need to reach out and embrace appropriate new technology. Maintaining traditional service and offering innovation are the balance that should be struck.” --staffsurvey response


2011 2015 goals
2011 – 2015 Goals
  • Community Gathering Place
  • Current & Leading Edge Technology
  • Focus on Youth
  • Marketing and Fundraising
  • Internal Relations


goal 1 community gathering place
Goal #1: Community Gathering Place

The Library is the hub of a vibrant community, providing social, educational, entertainment, cultural, and arts programming to support lifelong learning.


  • X# of adults will participate in library activities designed to promote reading
  • During each year of the plan, an average of X# people will attend programs designed to support lifelong learning and leisure enjoyment, either physically or virtually.
  • By X date, 95% of library customers will report that remote access to the library is as user-friendly as on-site access.


goal 2 current and leading edge technology
Goal #2: Current and Leading Edge Technology

The Coronado community will have opportunities to learn information technologies needed for academic and business success, social networking, and leisure activities.


  • During each year of the plan, X# of patrons will have access to and support for using materials and information in new and emerging formats.
  • By _____, X# of patrons will access local digital content produced or coordinated by the library.
  • By ____, X# of patrons will use a variety of technology applications piloted by the library
  • By _____, X# (or %) of patrons will report that newly-implemented technologies make the library convenient or very convenient to use.


goal 3 focus on youth
Goal #3: Focus on Youth

Children and teens will find the library welcomes them and supports their developmental needs for learning, recreation, and social interaction.


  • Children, parents, and caregivers will have access to high-quality resources that promote and support reading
  • During each year of the plan, X# of preschool children, parents, and caregivers will attend programs that encourage preschool language development and love of reading.
  • During each year of the plan, an average of 10 tweens will attend that is offered for them, with the average increasing each year.
  • By _______, X# of teens will report that the library’s teen space meets their needs for:
        • a welcoming place to meet friends,
        • finding the materials they need for school or personal interests, and
        • using technology.
  • During each year of the plan, program attendees will report that they heard about programs from new promotional efforts piloted by the library.


goal 4 marketing and fundraising
Goal #4: Marketing and Fundraising

The Coronado community recognizes the Library as a vital force for expanding the mind, promoting reading and lifelong learning, and providing arts and cultural programming.


  • Ensure that the library has a marketing plan that helps staff communicate a consistent, branded message
  • The Library Board will ensure that the library has sufficient resources to meet the current and future needs of the community


goal 5 internal relations
Goal #5: Internal Relations

The Library will review its current administrative, organizational and communication practices and implement new strategies that promote a progressive and positive culture.


  • Ensure there is regular and frequent communication among and between all levels of staff
  • Ensure that all staff are recognized for their contributions to the library’s work
  • Ensure that all staff have information about, and access to, training opportunities
      • Include opportunities to develop succession planning
  • Involve staff in streamlining work processes


coronado public library mission
Coronado Public LibraryMISSION

The mission of the Coronado Public Library is to acquire and make available a collection of books, audio-visual, and other library and information resources to meet the informational, recreational, and cultural needs of the community and to actively promote reading, life-long learning, and the pursuit of knowledge.



 The Coronado Library enhances the quality of life by providing resources and cultural opportunities that promote reading, life-long learning, the enjoyment of leisure, and the pursuit of knowledge.

“The Coronado Library: the path to your potential.”

  • Change??



Performance Management

  • Align staff performance goals with strategic plan
    • “What will my department do this year to advance the library’s plan?”
    • “What will I do this year to advance the library’s plan?”
  • Build in accountability
  • Right work, right level


next steps
Next Steps
  • Collect/validate baseline data
  • Implementation plan
    • Identify champion for each goal
    • Plan for evaluation: outputs and outcomes
    • Implementation team
    • Set priorities
    • Make initial assignments
    • Develop reporting structure and process
    • Task forces with clear charters
    • Create and continue marketing the plan to the entire community
  • Steering Committee input
  • Board approval
  • Continual communications; keep the plan alive! Keep the energy!
  • Reward the early adaptors. Reward the doers!



Strategies are fluid….

Stay open to new ideas and opportunities