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Managing A Payroll Department

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Managing A Payroll Department - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Managing A Payroll Department. Basic Management Theories . Situational Leadership Principle-Centered Leadership Empowerment Theory No one way is the right way! Management’s style needs to fit different jobs, situations and employees. . Situational Leadership Management Style.

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Managing A Payroll Department

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basic management theories
Basic Management Theories
  • Situational Leadership
  • Principle-Centered Leadership
  • Empowerment Theory

No one way is the right way! Management’s

style needs to fit different jobs, situations and


situational leadership management style
Situational Leadership Management Style
  • Supporting - Low Task

High Relationship

  • Coaching - High Task

High Relationship

  • Delegating - Low Task

Low Relationship

  • Directing - High Task

Low Relationship

situational leadership management style4
Situational Leadership Management Style
  • With Situational Leadership the way managers work with staff depends on what two factors? ?
  • What do situational leadership proponents emphasize?
principle centered leadership
Principle-Centered Leadership

Simple statement behind the

Principle-Centered Leadership:

Treat People the way you want to be treated!!

4 Fundamental Dimensions:

  • Security
  • Guidance
  • Wisdom
  • Power
empowerment theory
Empowerment Theory

Key objective is the for employee to take ownership of the process

5 Steps

  • Establish the desired results
  • Provide guidelines
  • Identify resources available
  • Hold people accountable
  • Identify consequences
key words from management theories exercise














Key Words from Management Theories Exercise
employee styles
Employee Styles
  • Contributors Task and Result Oriented

Organized and Dependable

  • Collaborators Flexible and Open

Cooperative with team members

  • Communicators Excellent Communication Skills

Positive Approach

  • Challengers “Devil’s Advocates”

Looks for innovated ways

to solve problems

employee needs
Employee Needs
  • Contributors Stable Environment

To Be shown how to do

Encouragement of analytical talent

  • Collaborators Create Harmony

To be shown Why it’s done

Have time to process information

employee needs10
Employee Needs
  • Communicators Lots of people contact

Plenty of variety

Public Recognition

  • Challengers Lots of Challenges

To be shown what you want

Opportunity to learn new skills

comparison of styles
Comparison of Styles

What happens when a Payroll Manager doesn’t learn the strengths and weaknesses of the employees before delegating tasks to them?

comparison of er ee styles
Comparison of ER & EE Styles


Supporting – Communicators

Delegating – Contributors

Directing – Challengers

Coaching – Communicators

management skills
Management Skills
  • Planning and Organizing-5 Key Activities
  • Staffing- 4 Skills Sets
  • Directing Employees- 4 Communication Skills
  • Controlling Performance- 4 Steps
  • Reporting – 4 Customers
management case study
Management Case Study

It’s Payday.

The checks have just been picked up, and the entire payroll staff is tense. They are waiting for the irate phone calls to begin. In about ten minutes, the phone will ring and ring and ring as one employee after another calls to complain about their paychecks. Before the day is over, at least one of your staff members will snap at one of your customers--the firm’s employees.

As the manager, what steps do you take?

planning and organizing
Planning and Organizing
  • Define Goals and Objectives
  • Define Time Frame
  • Define Sub-tasks
  • Analyze Resources
  • Evaluate Costs
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Delegating
  • Coaching
directing employees
Directing Employees
  • Listening
  • Provide Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Leadership
controlling performance
Controlling Performance
  • Setting Standards
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Comparing Progress With Standards
  • Corrective Action
  • To immediate supervisor
  • To other department heads
  • To upper management
  • To employees
do you have it
Do You Have IT??

IT is the 4 qualities that help make a Payroll Manager a Strong Leader.

  • Having a vision
  • Building a support team
  • Seeking Partners
  • Attending APA’s Leadership Certification Program in Chicago April 21-23. Visit
specific skills
Conduct and Attend Meetings

Keep Written Policies and Procedures

Crisis Management

Time Management

Team Building

Performance Evaluations

Promoting Quality Customer Service

Customer Service in Shared Services

Specific Skills
specific skills22
Crisis Management-

Once the crisis is over, what are some things the payroll manager can do to ensure the lessons are not forgotten?

Conduct a meeting to discuss the crisis and determine which of the problems are preventable

Initiate a plan to prevent those problems from reoccurring

List the successful results and include them in a “Crisis File’ for future reference

List all of the issues that were not satisfactorily resolved and formulate procedures to resolve them

Express your appreciation to your staff.

Specific Skills
specific skills23
Time Management-

What four combinations of time categories tell a manager what his or her priorities should be?

Urgent and Important – Crisis management, immediate attention needed

Urgent but Not Important– Pressing activities that may be easy to accomplish

Not Urgent but Important – Planning and prevention activities

Not Urgent and Not Important– easily accomplished, time wasting activities

Specific Skills
specific skills24
Team Building-

What are the four stages of team development?

Forming – Stage1 The Start-up stage

Storming – Stage 2 Where Responsibilities and roles are articulated

Norming – Stage 3 Where Success occurs

Performing – Stage 4 Where Members feel very motivated

Specific Skills
specific skills25
Customer Service -

Who are our customers and what is their product?

Customer Product

1. Employees Checks or Direct Deposits

2. Management Reports, Financial Statements

3. Government Agencies Filings, Forms, Deposits

What are some of basic principles to providing quality customer service?






Specific Skills
specific skills26
Shared Services-

What is Shared Services?

Shared services is the consolidation of related functions and integration of the processes involved with them throughout an entire organization.

What departments would be in a Shared Service or a ‘Call Center”?

How would this affect Customer Service?

Specific Skills
  • Tax Laws and Regulations
  • Employment Laws and Regulations
  • Payroll Related Websites
  • Company Policies and Procedures
  • Union Contracts
research tax laws and regulations
Research-Tax Laws and Regulations

IRC= Internal Revenue Code tax laws passed by Congress and signed by the President.

IRS Regulations= Interpretations of the law developed by the IRS & approved by the US Treasury Dept.

research tax laws and regulations29
Research-Tax Laws and Regulations

3 categories of IRS regulations:

  • Proposal=Issued for public comments
  • Temporary=Used until the final regulations are issued. Identified by a ’T’ following the regulation number (Reg$1.125T). No longer effective after the final regulations is issued.
  • Treasury Decision=Final regulation are issued as Treasury Decisions. Expressed as TD followed by the number ( TD 8481).
research tax laws and regulations30
Research-Tax Laws and Regulations

Additional forms of guidance to interpret tax laws include:

  • Publications such as Curricular E
  • Revenue Procedures
  • Revenue Rulings
  • Private Letter Rulings
  • Announcements, Notices and News Releases
research employment laws and regulations
Research- Employment Laws and Regulations
  • Wage-Hour FSLA
  • Garnishments Consumer Credit Protection Act
  • Child Support Consumer Credit Protection Act
  • Immigration Illegal Immigration Reform & Immigration Responsibility Act
  • New Hire Reporting Personal Resp & Work Opportunity Act
  • Family Leave FMLA
  • Unemployment FUTA & SUTA Unemployment Tax Acts
  • State Laws Various
research payroll related websites
Research- Payroll Related Websites

Chicago Chapter APA

American Payroll Association




State &Local Links

Department of Labor

Direct Deposit

Payroll Calculator

thank you
Thank You!!

Good Luck with your CPP test!! Christine O’Hara, CPP