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Israeli - Palestinian Conflict

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Israeli - Palestinian Conflict - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Israeli - Palestinian Conflict. English Project Due Friday, 13 th Joonyon Park 6F. Can the teenagers of Israel and Palestine today recover from the violence they have faced all their lives? No. Things are getting worse these days.

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israeli palestinian conflict

Israeli - Palestinian Conflict

English ProjectDue Friday, 13th

Joonyon Park 6F

Can the teenagers of Israel and Palestine today recover from the violence they have faced all their lives? No.
  • Things are getting worse these days.
  • The killed families and the destroyed houses the can’t be simply recovered.
  • They can’t be educated with schools and teachers gone.
  • The terrible harm has a huge effect in their hearts and their body, and even though they fix their country, the violence shown to the teenagers’ hearts will never fade away.
still fighting
Still Fighting
  • To recover, the war first has to end but it’s still going on and is getting worse.
  • Israeli tanks went to Gaza City, with families escaping and other families dead.[1]
  • The Israeli military bombed a city in Gaza and threw more rockets for revenge.[2]

A jet bombing Gaza…

death everywhere
Death Everywhere
  • Without their friends and parents, who’s going to play with them and take care?
  • From 2000 Sept. 29, 123 innocent Israeli children were killed and 1487 innocent Palestinian children were killed.[3]
  • In Gaza, from 12/27/08~1/18/09, 9 Israelis adults and 1380 Palestinian adults were killed.[4]
  • A bomber blew a hotel up in Israel, killing himself and twenty others in 2002.[5]
once hurt goes forever
Once Hurt, Goes Forever
  • First of all, health problems. If you don’t have a healthy body, you can’t do anything.
  • A suicide bomber injured more than 130 people around him.[6]
  • Last year, the average injuries per day was 19.6 for Palestinians.[7]
  • Bombs are still occurring in Gaza and West Bank. What will you do if you’re injured badly and can’t move a bit?
environment gone
Environment Gone
  • The environment is completely destroyed. It’s going to take a pretty long time to recover.
  • Children are suffering with their schools bombed and their house destroyed in Gaza.[8]
  • Palestinian children pray on the destroyed mosque (bombed by Israelis) in Gaza. [9]
  • Where would you go if you were a Palestinian child?
no education
No Education
  • If you want to recover and fix the environment, the teenagers should be educated.
  • The problem is how, with all the schools and teachers gone?
  • They don’t have food supplies and clothes to wear for school. It’s a disaster.[10]
  • Since their schools are gone, no education, kids moved to UNRWA schools (emergency shelters).[11]
habibi 12
Habibi [12]
  • The first example is in page 90, where it says “Lots of them are waiting for a true, independent Palestine, too. They’re not going to give up when they’re this close.”
  • When it says ‘waiting for a true, independent Palestine, too’, it means right now they aren’t independent from Israelis yet.
  • Also, in page 92, Sitti’s bed has a big dent which Israeli soldiers did with a gun.
habibi 13
Habibi [13]
  • The second example is from page 95, when a man said “Why you bother with this animal?”, he insulted Bassam offensively by thinking that Liyana was Jewish.
  • Then Liyana didn’t hit the man, making a bit of change to the conflict (calmness).
  • So you can see that there are a lot of clues (more what I showed) in the book to tell you that the conflict is still going on also in their minds.
finish the war
Finish the War
  • Would you like it if your house and school is destroyed? How about your families all dead and you have nothing left? Never.
  • Nobody likes wars with death and terror. So please, Israelis and Palestinians, follow the United Nation’s decisions to finish the war in a happy ending.

Click on the video to see Gaza bombed. [14]

Click on the video to see a Israel gas station bombed. [15]



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[12~13]Book ‘Habibi’ written by Naomi Shihab Nye