Montgomery county division of solid waste services
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Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services. Business Recycling in Montgomery County. COG Recycling Committee December 1, 2005. Waste Generation by Sector FY05. 1,261,134 tons of waste generated during Fiscal Year 2005. FY05 Recycling Rate by Sector.

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Montgomery county division of solid waste services l.jpg

Montgomery CountyDivision of Solid Waste Services

Business Recycling in

Montgomery County

COG Recycling Committee December 1, 2005

Waste generation by sector fy05 l.jpg
Waste Generation by Sector FY05

1,261,134 tons of waste generated during Fiscal Year 2005

Commercial waste stream analysis l.jpg
Commercial Waste Stream Analysis

Based on D&B Business Database – January 2005

History of montgomery county s recycling regulations l.jpg
History of Montgomery County’s Recycling Regulations

  • March 1993: Recycling becomes mandatory through ER 109-92AM

  • April 1994: Yard trim ban takes effect

  • FY00 Recycling rate: 36%

  • February 8, 2005: ER 15-04AM (supersedes ER109-92AM) and ER18-04 enacted

  • February 8, 2005: Enforcement commences on ER15-04AM

  • FY05 Recycling rate: 41%

  • February 8, 2006: Enforcement commences on ER18-04

Program strategies l.jpg
Program Strategies

  • Educate ALL businesses and monitor compliance with ER15-04AM and ER18-04

  • Target select business types

  • Provide technical assistance for implementing and improving waste reduction, recycling and buying recycled programs

  • Recognize outstanding achievements and promote to others

Executive regulation 15 04am l.jpg

Required materials

Mixed or sorted paper

Commingled materials (or sorted by type)

Scrap metal

Yard trim

Christmas trees

Requires businesses to submit recycling and waste reduction plan

Requires businesses to file an annual recycling report

Large-sized businesses – February 1st

Medium-sized businesses – March 1st

Small-sized businesses – Within 60 days of written request by DSWS; every year thereafter, due March 1st

Property owners of multi-tenant facilities – March 1st

Education/waste reduction component

Executive Regulation 15-04AM

Slide10 l.jpg

Program verification

Contracts and invoices for collection and disposition of materials to be recycled

Recycling containers

Location and capacity


Education requirements

Businesses self-hauling recyclable materials to a recycling facility

Obtain scale-house documentation

Businesses contracting for recycling collection services

Businesses must use a MC licensed collector

Collectors servicing commercial properties

Take source-separated recyclable materials to a recycling facility

Notify generators/County of contaminated recycling

Provide copy of their MC license to customers annually

Executive Regulation 15-04AM

Executive regulation 18 04 l.jpg
Executive Regulation 18-04

Licensed Collectors, Haulers and all other persons using County acceptance facilities for the disposal of solid waste

  • Must separately collect waste set out for disposal from materials set out in separate containers for recycling

  • Any collector who observes, or reasonably should have observed, recyclables in solid waste that have been set out for disposal, must notify the customer responsible and the County

    • Notification will include:

      • Name of business, name of responsible agent notified, date, time, address, nature of the problem and a suggested remedy

      • Collectors are prohibited from collecting recyclables observed, or which should reasonably have been observed, to be mixed in with trash set out for disposal without providing such notification

Executive regulation 18 0412 l.jpg
Executive Regulation 18-04

Disposal of Recyclables

Haulers, Collectors and other persons must…..

  • Deliver solid waste acceptable for disposal only to disposal facilities

  • Must not deliver solid waste acceptable for disposal to any recycling facility

  • Deliver recyclables acceptable for recycling only to recycling facilities

  • May not deliver for disposal to any solid waste acceptance facility any solid waste that is acceptable for recycling

Enforcement actions l.jpg
Enforcement Actions

*2005 through 11/18/05

Sorrt can help l.jpg
SORRT can Help!

  • On-site training

    • Seminars/Workshops

  • Special events

  • Educational materials

    • Regulation handbook

    • Posters

    • Labels

    • Brochures

  • Much more!

Direct on site assistance model programs l.jpg
Direct On-Site Assistance/Model Programs

My Organic Market, Rockville

Convenient and easy access for staff and customers

Questions l.jpg

Montgomery County

Department of Public Works and Transportation

Division of Solid Waste Services

101 Monroe Street, 6th Floor

Rockville, MD 20850

(240) 777-6400 phone; (240) 777-6465 fax


Email: [email protected]