north american frogs and their habitat
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North American Frogs and Their Habitat

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North American Frogs and Their Habitat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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North American Frogs and Their Habitat. Picture taken from clipart. Ben Messerschmidt. Pacific Tree Frog. Picture adapted from :\%20projects/regilla.htm.htm. The pacific tree frog is found Along the western coast of North America.

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north american frogs and their habitat

North American Frogs and Their Habitat

Picture taken from clipart

Ben Messerschmidt

pacific tree frog
Pacific Tree Frog

Picture adapted from :

  • The pacific tree frog is found Along the western coast of North America.
  • Western Montana and Nevada is the furthest east they can be found. But it can also be found in Cerros and Santa Cruz islands west of California.
  • This frog is more of a nocturnal amphibian because it can’t handle hot dry climates. Since it is found in the west where it is hot and dry in some parts it stays mostly hidden in fallen tree trunks or under rocks.
  • They also prefer really humid climates because it lessens the chance of dehydration.
  • Information adapted from:
grey tree frog
Grey Tree Frog

  • This frog is found anywhere from southern Ontario to northern Texas.
  • It is found in many parts of the U.S but it is mostly found in northeastern part.
  • These frogs live in highly wooded areas and are found in areas like swamps, ponds, lakes, and damp rotten logs or fallen trees during the summer.
  • During the winter they are found under logs, leaves, and roots of trees.
  • Information adapted from:
green tree frog
Green Tree Frog

Picture adapted from:

  • Green Tree Frogs are found anywhere from Virginia over to the northern tip of Texas
  • They live in environments such as ponds, large lakes, and marshes. These habitats have a lot of floating vegetation which is why these frogs are there.
  • They are found in the canopy of trees in these environments and mostly in sunny areas because its easier to find insects in the sunny areas.

Information adapted from:

north american bullfrog
North American Bullfrog

Picture adapted from:

  • Bullfrogs are found anywhere from the east coast to Wisconsin
  • They are bigger than the average frog .
  • These frogs are found near lakes, rivers, ponds, or bogs because they have to live in water to survive.
  • These frogs are also found in Central Europe, South America, and Parts of Asia.
  • Information adapted from:
red legged frog
Red-legged Frog

Picture adapted from:

  • Red-legged frogs are also known as the California Red-legged frog because it is found mostly in just California.
  • They live in areas that are high in vegetation and near deep ponds.
  • These frogs can not be exposed to water that has a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius.
  • Information adapted from:
leopard frog
Leopard Frog

Picture adapted from:

  • The Leopard frog is from almost everywhere in the U.S.
  • Their main choice of habitat is marshlands, brush lands, and forests.
  • In theses areas they choose parts with slow moving water and vegetation.
  • These frogs are also known as meadow frogs or grass frogs.
  • Information adapted from:

During the winter where is the Grey Tree Frog found.

  • Under roots
  • Under leaves
  • Under logs
  • All of the above

Picture from clipart


Picture adapted from: