Family time
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Family Time . By, Dennis Bahm Naomi Engdahl . Question number 1.

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Family time
Family Time

  • By, Dennis Bahm

    • Naomi Engdahl

Question number 1

Question number 1

In this specific part of this chapter Paul is finally able to go home and when his sister sees him she yells “mother, mother, Paul is home” (157). When Paul sees that his mom is sick he goes to her and when she ask him why he's there he replies “NO, I have got to leave” (158). Paul then goes down to district commandant to report himself and on his way home a major yells at him for not noticing him and makes him do twenty paces backwards, double march” (163). After he is done the major dismisses him, when Paul gets home he changes out of his uniform and puts civilian clothes on 2nd his father is not please because he would rather show Paul off in front of acquaintances.

Question number 2

The theme in this part of chapter is the lost generation because he is lost from the moment he walks through the door of his home. His family is starving, he doesn't remember how to tie a tie and he does not feel at home. "But a sense of strangeness will not leave me, I cannot feel at home amongst these things”(160), Paul thinks this when he is next to his mother 2nd thoughts are running through his head. He cant feel at home because all he knows now is how to live the life of war. “I stand on the steps, miserable, helpless, paralyzed, and against my will the tears run down my cheeks”(158), Paul walks through the door and when his sister starts yelling for his mother Paul just froze up and just stood on the stairs helpless because he was not ready for the emotions being at home will bring

Question number 3

Paul's emotions in this part are confused, sad, lonely, and angry. He is confused because when he gets home he is confused about the feelings that his him, it is like a slap in the face because he knows the people but he has this sense of not belonging. He’s sad because his family is starving and he knows it because when he pulls out the food from his bag the family has a shocked look because they actually will have food. He’s lonely because his family has no idea of what he has been through so he doesn’t know what to do or how to interact with them. He is angry because when he is walking home from reporting himself to district commandant a Major stops him and makes him do twenty paces backwards, double march and it makes Paul mad because he’s finally home but he still has to do drills. “I would like to hit him in the face, but control myself, for my leave depends on it” (162). If Paul would have done something to the Major he would have been sent to jail so he held his anger in.