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Easy Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
Easy Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

Easy Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

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  1. Easy Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Email Marketing A Jeep parts and accessories online retailer based out in North America was finding a way for how to do brand awareness, further in the automotive marketplace, increase the website conversions, improve the search engine rankings, and boost sales through the website. Still being available so many marketing channels to companies these days, why email marketing is a popular choice? Just because it works

  2. effectively. Research from McKinsey states that email marketing has an ROI of $43 for each of the spent dollars. And these numbers are 40 times higher if compared to that of social media. To get your projects of website design or the field you trade-in, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to spark a conversation with your prospective customers. Not to forget here, your email marketing campaign should be amazing to achieve that ROI but if your webpage design is not up to the quality then you might lose those customers to competitors with ​high-quality website design​. Go on reading if you want to learn the ways to improve your email marketing for reaching out to more customers and convert them - Segmentation Tool The key to be succeeding, in your email marketing campaign is reaching out to the right audience. For that, what you can do? Break down your email list into various segments that would be based on the demographic structure of your audience. Through it, you can make sure the right offer makes it to the right customer. To let you know, segmentation is an effective email marketing tool and the research from MailChimp has shown that mail campaigns that are segmented have almost a 15% higher open rate than those are not segmented.

  3. Here are the few ways that you can try out to improve your Email Marketing: ● Input Strong Subject Line Research from Convince & Convert shows that 33 % of email recipients open their emails based on what is given in the subject line alone. Writing a strong subject line by investing a lot of time means it will pay off with the higher open rates. Prevent using words that trigger spam filters. Understand that, by including the numbers and asking questions you can catch the eyes of the readers. And the shortest is the sweetest because people don’t read the subject lines carefully always and so the shorter subject lines garner more attention from the readers. ● Encourage Readers to Take Action That fetches no or less value if you have spent hours writing a marketing email (and more time for making a catchy subject line) and it fails to convince the readers for taking any action. It will be an easy way to spur readers for taking actions that you want to if you create a CTA (Call To Action) button. This can be more effective than the use of a link. Featuring action words like “Buy Now” or “Learn More” in your CTA button would be the best choice. Make use of the contrasting colors in the button or text that it contains. Also, make sure to

  4. create a button that readers can see very clear at the bottom part of your email. ● Design It For Mobiles Research by Litmus states that 53% of all the emails are opened or checked on a mobile device alone. In contrast, a 33% decrease has been observed in the number of emails opened in Outlook. Using responsive design principles, you can optimize emails for mobile devices in the best way. However, the application of responsive website design principles can take enough time. Although some of the faster ways are also there to make sure you have created a mobile-friendly marketing email. Page will load faster when you put the smaller images. But, how to ensure more people will click on the CTA? By placing it at the higher position of the email. The CTA button is touchscreen-friendly, you need to make sure of that also. For mobile emails, short subject lines and paragraphs work in a better way. It happens that way because they occupy well, most of the limited screen space and reader’s equally short attention timing. Your pipe dream should not be to achieve high email marketing ROI. You will have to understand the wants of the customers out of your emails such as it may be the right offers, an attention-grabbing subject line, or a CTA that is mobile friendly and research further as these. Sometime later, you will start seeing the results that you want to.

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