where oh where can i find it n.
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Where Oh Where Can I Find It? PowerPoint Presentation
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Where Oh Where Can I Find It?

Where Oh Where Can I Find It?

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Where Oh Where Can I Find It?

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  1. Where Oh Where Can I Find It? Searching on the Web

  2. Where to search • Search Engines- Google • Directory Search– Yahoo, Librarians Index to the Web • Site Search– Marco Polo Search • Meta Search Engines– Dog Pile, ixquick

  3. How Do I Search? • Search Engine • Meta Search • Directory Search

  4. I‘m Not Finding It • Try other key words. If searching for information on Palm Pilots, try handheld computers. • Try phrases. • Increase or decrease the number of words you are using (increase if too many sites, decrease if not enough.) • Check spelling, capitalization, and plurals. • Try a different search engine! • Call your lab manager as last resort!

  5. What is a bookmark? Also called favorites A bookmark or favorite saves web sites where you have been. There are ways to manage these bookmarks. How to use bookmarks

  6. Manage Your Bookmarks • You can make folders to hold your bookmarks • You can organize them alphabetically • In IE, go to Favorites, Organize Favorites • In Netscape, go to the Bookmarks menu and choose Manage Bookmarks.

  7. Take Bookmarks to the Next Level • Bookmarks are only on your current machine. So you have a set at home and as set at school. • There are free programs on-line to access your bookmarks anywhere: FreeBookmarkManagementSoftware • Try to Backflip your bookmarks

  8. Questions

  9. General Search Engine Rules • Include words – place a plus sign in front of word you want included +mustangs +horses brown This means you want sites that mention mustangs, horses with brown if possible. • Remove words – place a minus sign to exclude words+mustangs +horses –carsThis will help to remove all those Fords!

  10. More General Search Options • Use quotes to look for phrases. “Northeastern School District” will only return sites where those three words are found together. • Also, some search engines will ignore small words so to include them, they must be in quotes. If you enter: history of the internet, most engines will search history and internet and give you results that include history sites on the internet. If you enter the phrase: “history of the internet” you will have a better search.

  11. More General Search Options • All lowercase will return all matches. If you want to match capitalization, you must do it exactly. So york pa will return York PA, YORK PA and York Pa. But York Pa will only return the last one. • Wild cards. Some search engines allow wild cards (*) so if you only know part of a word, you can still search – mount olym*.

  12. More General Search Options • There are multiple terms that you can add to your search to limit domains or file type. Examples: near, link:, allintitle:, intitle:, allinurl:, inurl:, cache:, related:, site: • New search engines will allow you use a help screen instead of remembering all the terms available.Advanced Search

  13. Directory Search • This works well for you to search within a topic.

  14. Directory Search You may still enter your text for the search if you aren’t finding what you want

  15. MetaEngine Search Choose which sites you want to search. The rules are the same as before

  16. Search Engine • A web search engine allows you to use words and phrases to search. • You can insist that a word is included by adding a plus sign in front of it. • You can remove words by adding a minus sign • You can search on groups of words by placing them in quotes.

  17. Directory Search • A directory search engine has tried to catalogue subjects into topics and sub-topics. • This is a good choice if you are searching for something on the web that fits into a category or topic.

  18. Site Search • This can be a very safe search engine • Limits your searches to the site or approved sites. • Will have more limited results, but the results will have been approved by the site.

  19. Meta-Search Engines • You submit keywords. These are sent to a variety of search engines and your get your results back from all of them. The Meta-Search company doesn’t have its own data base. • Doesn’t work as well as it sounds. Sometimes you get too much information. • The very good ones have a charge to them.