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The Background. What is the Nomad?. The Nomad is an independent, innovative & quirky alternative to traditional cinema Specialising in high quality film screenings in an incredible array of stunning outdoor settings from manor houses and castles to the Royal Parks and ice rinks

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What is the nomad l.jpg
What is the Nomad?

The Nomad is an independent, innovative & quirky alternative to traditional cinema

Specialising in high quality film screenings in an incredible array of stunning outdoor settings from manor houses and castles to the Royal Parks and ice rinks

We are looking for a partner to help us develop this further for 2011 & beyond…

Nomad background l.jpg
Nomad Background

The Nomad is a joint venture between The Screen on The Green - the UK's largest producer of open air cinema - and The Lexi Cinema, one of London's finest independent cinemas

All profits from the Lexi go towards the Lynedoch Eco Village, South Africa, the first sustainability project of this type in Africa

Integrating ecology, equity & sustainability, reducing and eradicating poverty

The nomad brand l.jpg
The Nomad brand

The Camel is the Nomad brand icon

Tying in with films from 007 to Jaws, seasons from Easter to Christmas

Nomad cinema l.jpg
Nomad Cinema

3 different sized inflatable screens are used to allow screenings of all scales

Their versatility means they can be erected quickly in a variety of venues & conditions

Venues l.jpg

Queens Park 3 nights

Dulwich Park 3 nights

Holland Park 3 nights

Donson House 2 nights

Battersea Park 3 nights

Roundwood Park 1 night

Fulham Palace 3 nights

Hall Place 2 nights

Leeds Castle 3 nights

Walmer Castle 2 nights

Winter Wonderland

Tower of London

Kent County Cricket Club 2 nights

Priory Park 3 nights

Nurstead Court 2 nights

Gatton Park 2 nights

St. Augustine’s Abbey 3 nights

Cobham Hall 2 nights

Richborough Roman Fort 2 nights

10 screenings with Zippo’s Circus

Hampton Court Palace


& many more TBC

90% London & South East in 2011

Slide13 l.jpg

Nomad Events


  • March: London Launch event

  • Mar-Jun: 15 indoor screenings

  • 10 Zippos Sunday evening events

  • June-Sept: 80-100 outdoor screenings

  • including 3-5 drive ins

  • Sept-Dec: 15 indoor screenings

  • Halloween screening

  • 10 Zippos Sunday evening events

  • Nov: Leeds Castle fireworks

  • Dec: Tower of London - 3 weeks

  • Hampton Court Palace - 3 weeks

  • Winter Wonderland - 3 weeks

Expected admissions = 2,400,000

  • Please note that numbers are approximate & events are subject to change

Expected events = 150

Expected admissions = 135,000

Schematic l.jpg
















Majority of

Summer open air



Indoor season

Zippos season

Zippos season

Indoor season

Tower of



Leeds castle


Court Palace

Past potential media partners l.jpg
Past / Potential Media Partners

…Sponsor can have influence over media partners

Nomad website l.jpg











Estimated 500,000 unique users

2,500,000 page impressions

4m 20” average time on site

Nomad website

Nomad website to incorporate Sponsor design

Links to sponsor site

Site SEO by industry-leading SEO Ibiza for key search terms like mobile cinema, pop-up cinema, outdoor cinema etc.

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & You Tube integrated into Nomad site, with webpage devoted to user-generated content  e.g. suggest a venue / film, send us your photos / video

Online promotion l.jpg
Online promotion

  • Venue mailing lists:  455,000 email addresses

  • ‘We Got Tickets’ database London & the South:  310,000 email addresses, targeted by postcode and event interest for each event

  • The Nomad mailing list:  14,000 cinema and pop-up cinema fans

Total email recipients = 779,000

… each to receive numerous emails

Local promotion l.jpg
Local Promotion

At each venue

  • 100 x A3 and A4 posters within 1 mile radius

  • 1000 x A5 flyers within 1 mile radius

    • … placed within local cafes, shops, restaurants, etc in heart of local communities

  • Min 4 x (2x1 meter) vinyl banner at site or near site from 3 wks out

Estimated exposure

1,500,000 impacts

* Production cost covered by the Nomad

Guerrilla marketing l.jpg
Guerrilla marketing

Guerilla marketing to take place at selected sites

Very important for the Nomad to be involved in playful and inventive, viral buzz-generating behavior

The sponsor is welcome to play with us as part of the marketing mix

Design l.jpg





The design of the marketing will incorporate Sponsor’s logo & branding

This design will then be used across all promotion

The camel could be cleverly altered to incorporate the sponsor

Suggested title

“Lexi Cinema presents the Nomad… sponsored by **********”

Design22 l.jpg



2010 films l.jpg
2010 films

All films are chosen to fit with venues

…some with celebrity introduction

Click here for to view

(must be in slide show)

The sponsor can have influence over film choice to create specially created series of films tying in with their brand values

Hospitality for sponsor l.jpg
Hospitality for Sponsor

The sponsor can have a VIP area at each screening

This can be used for a competition winners, staff, suppliers, etc

Can also have a VIP tent if provided

The event l.jpg
The event

  • Public arrive 1 or 2 hrs before sunset

    • Experiential opportunities throughout venue

    • Visit bar & food stalls

    • Set up picnic blanket, chairs etc

    • Some pre-screenings entertainment, arranged by Nomad

  • The Screening

    • Sponsor content

    • Ad reel

    • Celebrity introduction

    • Film

    • Interval – experiential opportunities

    • Ad reel

    • Film

Branding opportunities at venues l.jpg
Branding opportunities at venues

  • Vinyls around venue

  • Projector Gazebo

  • Ponchos

  • Picnic blankets

  • Inflatable Sofas

  • Staff clothing

  • Trailer (lorry)

  • & potentially others…

* excludes production cost

Feedback l.jpg

* excludes production cost

Slide31 l.jpg

Headline sponsor


  • Naming rights – ie, “Lexi cinema presents the NOMAD sponsored by *******”

  • Design - Sponsor logo integrated within agreed Nomad design

  • All Media - This design used consistently across all promotion, all media

  • On Screen - 60” Sponsor commercial/content space prior to all showings and during interval

  • Online - Integrated design on Nomad website, links to Sponsor site, etc

  • Venue exposure - Up to 70% of on site sponsorship signature

  • Experiential - Sampling & other experiential opportunities for Sponsor

  • Category Exclusivity – Sponsor to have category exclusivity over sampling partners

£230,000 gross*

*excludes staff, delivery of samples

Slide32 l.jpg



  • Experiential - Sampling and experiential opportunities at min of 75% of selected venues

  • All Media - Branding on all marketing materials

  • On Screen - slide prior to all showings

  • Venue exposure - Branding at all events

  • Share of Voice - Maximum of 4 clients

  • No clutter - category exclusivity

£60,000 gross*

*excludes staff, delivery of samples

Slide33 l.jpg


Ad reel

  • On Screen – 30” advert prior (or interval) to all screenings

  • Numbers – 135,000 admissions

  • Share of Voice – 10 min ad reel

£15,000 gross*

Numbers l.jpg

  • Online reach

    • Nomad website 2,500,000 page impressions

    • Total email recipients 779,000 recipients

  • Local reach

    • flyers, posters, guerrilla 1,500,000 impacts

  • Media partners

    • Total press partners TBC

    • PR TBC

Total Nomad attendees 135,000

Total exposed to Nomad screens 2,400,000

Summary l.jpg

  • 3 tiers of opportunity for outdoor cinema in 2011

  • We seek a sponsor’s input to continue developing this concept

  • An opportunity to develop this hand in hand to suit a sponsor’s needs

inspiring pop-up cinema