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WHAT IS FORMULA STUDENT? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WHAT IS FORMULA STUDENT?. International motor sport competition for students. Organised by IMechE To develop young engineers, preparing them for life in industry. The Formula Student Challenge.

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what is formula student
  • International motor sport competition for students.
  • Organised by IMechE
  • To develop young engineers, preparing them for life in industry.
the formula student challenge
The Formula Student Challenge
  • For the purpose of the competition, students are to assume that a manufacturing firm has engaged them to produce a prototype car for evaluation. The intended sales market is the non professional weekend autocross or sprint racer. Therefore, the car must have very high performance in terms of its acceleration, braking, and handling qualities. The car must be low in cost, easy to maintain, and reliable. In addition, the car's marketability is enhanced by other factors such as aesthetics, comfort and use of common parts. The manufacturing firm is planning to produce 1000 cars per year at a cost below $25,000 (c. £16,000, €21,000) . The challenge to the team is to design and fabricate a prototype car that best meets these objectives. Each design is compared and judged with other competing designs to determine the best overall car.
  • Manufacture
  • Manage


the competition
The Competition

Static Events

  • Design:The concept of the design event is to evaluate the engineering effort that went into the design of the car and how the engineering meets the intent of the market. The car that illustrates the best use of engineering to meet the design goals and the best understanding of the design by the team members will win the design event.

The purpose of this event is enhance your ability to gain knowledge and then put into practice.

  • Cost: This event challenges teams to produce a report with a full breakdown of the cost of their car. Including the costs of not just bought-in components and materials but challenges teams to accurately cost the parts they make themselves and therefore challenges teams to gain an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing methods that are involved in producing their designs.

The purpose of this event is to give you the experience of optimising your designs with regards to budget, which is concept relevant to every form of engineering.

  • Business Presentation:The objective of the presentation event is to evaluate the team’s ability to develop and deliver a comprehensive business case that will convince the executives of a manufacturing firm that the team’s design best meets the demands of the amateur, weekend, autocross racing market and that it can be profitably manufactured and marketed. Presentations are evaluated on the contents, organization and visual aids as well as the presenters’ delivery and the team’s response to questions.

This event is designed to give you an experience in the world of marketing, i.e. to give an experience of having to go and sell your designs and making your designs profitable.

Dynamic events
  • Skid-pad:The objective of the skid-pad event is to measure the car’s cornering ability on a flat surface while making a constant-radius turn.
  • Acceleration:The acceleration event evaluates the car’s acceleration in a straight line on flat pavement.
  • Autocross:The objective of the autocross event is to evaluate the car's maneuverability and handling qualities on a tight course without the hindrance of competing cars. The autocross course will combine the performance features of acceleration, braking, and cornering into one event.
  • Endurance:The Endurance Event is designed to evaluate the overall performance of the car and to test the car’s reliability. The race is 22Km long and cars can reach up to 80mph on the straights.
our car uuj r06
Tubular Steel space frame chassis.

Rear Aluminium Sub-Frame.

Fully independent adjustable suspension.

Digital fuel injection and engine management system.

Yamaha YZF R6 600cc Superbike power plant.

Fully slick racing tyres.

Limited slip differential


69hp, 50Nm torque

0-60mph in 3.4 seconds

Top speed 120mph

Cornering forces of up to 2g.

Our Car: UUJ R06
the new design uuj r07
The New Design: UUJ R07
  • Full tubular space frame chassis.
  • Brand new suspension geometry.
  • Modified Yamaha R6 power plant with student designed camshafts, intake manifold and exhaust.
  • Light weight carbon fibre reinforced polymer body work.
  • Fully re-designed drive train.
  • Proposed weight: 220kg
  • Estimated Horse power: 85hp
  • Estimated 0-60mph: 2.8 seconds